There’s A Bike In It: Meredith Wendell

Need a striking idea for your designer lookbook? Make sure there’s a bike in it.

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The creative brains at Meredith Wendell found a sweet road bike that perfectly complemented the Spring-Summer 2013 collection of colorful satchels and belts.

This is a very advanced Bike Pretty maneuver. First of all, the frame matches the blouse, providing a stark white base for the other colors. Next, the aluminum spokes pick up the silver-toned hardware on the handbag. And finally (this is the part that blows my mind) the color-blocked handlebar tape matches the belt and the shoulder strap on the satchel.

Which came first? The bar tape or the collection’s color story? We may never know, but I’m digging how it all works together.

Check out these stand-out pieces from Meredith Wendell. My favorite is the golden duffle (of course).

meredith wendell MEW-E-MWPS13-04-24-S bags GREYmeredith wendell MEW-E-MWPS13-02-01-W accessories WHITEmeredith wendell MEW-E-MWPS13-04-33 bags GOLD

Mailbag: 7 Reasons To Love San Francisco

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Hi Melissa,

There have been so many occasions where I have had to explain that bicycle fashion is more than just lycra based uniforms with obnoxious logos.  

What you are doing gives me hope that the image of cycling for women (and men) can be more broad than the aforementioned stereotypical attire.

I have always been drawn to the idea of living in San Francisco but I have no idea what it would be like out there.  Can you give me an idea of what your life is like out there?


Hi Jeremy,

Thank you so much for your sweet note. One of the most rewarding things to come out of this blog is that I feel like I’m now part of a larger community that sees cycling beyond the lycra and logos.

I always have a great time when I’m on my bike and I want to show the world how fun it can be. Hopefully we can inspire more people to ride. Especially people that don’t relate to the road warrior image.

San Francisco is absolutely my favorite city. I’ve lived in a lot of amazing places: Honolulu, Portland, Nashville, New York City, Florence, and Milan. But I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. In my mind it’s The City.

To answer your question, here are 7 reasons why I love San Francisco: Continue reading

There’s A Bike In It: Rebecca Minkoff

When I see a gorgeous fashion image like this one, I tend to clap my hands in delight and squeal, “Oooh! There’s a bike in it!”

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This shot is from the latest Rebecca Minkoff DENIM lookbook. All the jeans in the collection are made in power-stretch denim. So it’s a clever choice to style them with a bike. The whole image says wearable, casual chic.

The David Hockney swimming pool blues really pop. You almost want to dive right in.

And mad props to the stylist for keeping the model in heels. I always bike in high heels. There’s no need to switch to flats. Go ahead and bike in your tallest wedges.


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For Men: The Bike Suit

Last month I was taking the Eurostar from London to Paris and I happened to flip through the seat-pocket magazine. (Yes, the Chunnel train has its own magazine. And it’s actually pretty awesome.) Case in point: this gorgeous fashion shoot. It’s the right way to do colorful menswear.

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It’s always awesome to see a guy rocking the bike suit. Even better when it’s in technicolor. Here are a few tips on how to get the look right: Continue reading