In Case You Missed It: Phillip Lim’s Girls on Bikes

girls on linus bikes

Um, yes, please. This video lookbook from Phillip Lim’s 2011/2012 Fall Winter collection perfectly captures what it’s like to be a fashionable cyclist in San Francisco.

In my dreams.

My apologies for posting this six seasons after its debut. My excuse is that Bike Pretty: The Blog wasn’t even born yet, so you can imagine, back then we had different priorities.

At any rate, I stumbled across the video in the archives of velojoy where everyone seems scandalized by the lack of helmets. Typical.

But never mind that, let’s let Phillip Lim himself have the last word. What’s it all about, Phil?

It’s about these chic girls on bikes, riding to work, to an art gallery, a party—where she goes is a mystery, because you only see her for that instant, but the thought of her lingers on in your mind.

These Gorgeous Bike Helmets Look Like Hats


My very elegant mother…wearing the Charleston.

A hundred years ago, etiquette demanded that a hat be worn whenever you left the house. Nearly every adult, at all levels of society, wore a hat in public. Some well-to-do women changed their hats several times a day depending on the activity. Elegance on a Bicycle Day June 1942 But the twentieth century brought the demise of the once de riguer headpiece. Coco Chanel and JFK are credited with sparking the hatless mode in women’s and men’s fashions respectively, but the truth is that millinery began to decline in popularity as a result of the social upheavals around World War I and World War II.

Nowadays, almost every hat seems like an affectation rather than a necessary part of looking pulled together. (Baseball caps are a notable exception.) But it’s that air of affectation that emphasizes just how stylish the hat wearer is. Since hats are no longer required for the sake of politeness, choosing to add one to your look means your style game is on another level.

These Gorgeous Bike Helmets Look Like Hats

The Dubliner in Palo Alto

The power of the hat is real, y’all. Enter Bandbox Helmets. Started by Dr. Cheryl Allen-Munley and powered by her obsessive desire to fight helmets that are “too dorky to wear.”

I had a chance to meet the entrepreneurial dynamo when we both visited Palo Alto’s super-fancy bike shop A Street Bike Named Desire. My lovely mother and I got to try out a few of the styles Dr. Cheryl brought with her from New England.


The Daytona brings out my mom’s beautiful eyes.

We got to hear all about how she designed her own helmet base to US CPSC standards, but with a lower profile than traditional styrofoam styles. The compact size meant these helmets could be covered with actual hats. Not just helmet covers sewn to resemble caps. But actual hats that are designed to look fabulous.

A clever modification added to the brim of each cap keeps them securely in place,  but makes swapping them out simple. My mom and I had a lot of fun trying out the different styles and posing for pictures.


More styles equals more smiles.

Here’s the concept:

Choose a base helmet with straps that match your hair color. For example, I would choose Gold and my mom would go with Brown. It creates an effect where the webbing blends in a bit with your own coloring and is less noticeable (and less fugly).


This is known as The Ascot. I’m referring to my hat, not my riding position.

The base helmet is vented, lightweight, and very comfortable. It’s padded with soft foam and lined in quick-dry fabric. It feels very luxurious, especially compared to the standard foam pads in most helmets.


Why am I touching a stranger’s saddle?

The next step is to pick out a hat that you would like to wear. I loved the Dubliner in Charcoal Gray (third photo from the top). It had all the milliner’s details that you would expect.  And I think my mom looks beautiful in the wide-brimmed Charleston and equally striking in the straw Daytona.

Check out the many, many hat styles over at Bandbox Helmets. (By the way, a bandbox is the distinctive round box that hats are stored in. Clever, no?) Don’t be put off by the site. It takes a bit of digging to find the styles. Clearly Dr. Cheryl is most concerned with making her helmets aesthetically pleasing. There are options for men and women. And quite a range of flavors, from the Jamaican to the Irish.

And for all you equestriennes, there’s a small selection of horsey-helmet covers too.

How to Bike Pretty

In honor of National Bike Month, and in collaboration with ModCloth, I made a how to bike pretty video.

Modcloth is totally killing National Bike Month. As part of their month-long focus on all things bicycles and pretty, they invited me to make this short video about my morning routine. I included a few tips and tricks for on-the-bike style. In case you were wondering, I am definitely not a morning person. Fortunately I usually have a bike ride to look forward to dress up for. Check out more cycle chic videos here.

Acknowledgments: I was extremely inspired by the short films The Man Who Lived on His Bike and Up & Out. Thanks to Justin Ramsay of ModCloth for music help. I shot, styled, and edited this movie myself.

Bike Bag Giveaway from Detours

I’m hosting a bike bag giveaway! Enter to win this adorable (and seasonally appropriate) handlebar bag from Detours.

Rainier Handlebar Duffel

Moves adeptly from handlebars to human.

Now that I mention it, how do you carry your stuff while on your bike?

Do you carry your cellphone in your boot? Do you pack spare coconuts in the hood of your hoodie? (Only to forget when you try to cover your noggin.) Maybe you keep it old school and stash keys-wallet-snacks in your bra. No judgment here.

Contents of the bag not included in the giveaway. Buy your own damn gloves.

Contents of the bag not included in the giveaway. Buy your own damn gloves.

But wouldn’t it be nice to win a free bike bag? Especially one as cute as the Rainier Handlebar Duffel in Golden Gardens. I am such a sucker for prints. And it’s super rare to find functional bike bags that also come in cute textiles, amirite? Check out the deets:

The Rainier Handlebar Duffel is so beautifully basic, it will quickly become your go-to bag for rides around town. Its classic silhouette is packed with subtle yet important organizational features, including a shoulder strap that detaches on one side to stow away while riding. When you’re all locked up at your destination, take the Rainier with you as a shoulder bag or crossbody.

• Two-buckle handlebar attachment
• Adjustable, one-side-removable shoulder strap that
tucks into exterior side pocket while riding
• Magnetic flap closure
• Light loop
• Reflective details on front and sides
• Exterior front zip pocket with key clip
• Interior pockets: two slip, one zip

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can enter the giveaway up to 4 times. The last day to enter is April 14, 2014. The winner will be randomly selected. Have fun and best of luck!