Sunday Escape – Night Rider by Marissa Kaiser

Enjoy this perfect dream of Summer cycling, featuring the lovely Soo Joo Park.

“The idea came from watching my boyfriend skateboard at night under the Manhattan Bridge,” explains Kaiser. “It struck me how easily skateboarders glide through the night lights, just floating in the air.”

Kaiser called on friend and cult-colorist Aura Friedman to recreate this season’s Technicolor hair trends with multicolored wigs mimicking the tonality of changing traffic lights, bright signage, and taxicab headlights. “I wanted to play around with these crazy neon and pastille palettes, but I also wanted to keep it pretty and not punky,” explains Friedman…

“We wanted a feeling of wonder, but also something cinematic,” adds Friedman, “almost recreating the feeling of the old Times Square, just like in Midnight Cowboy.”

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BRB, just realized that I need all the hair colors.

3 Tips To Bike To Work


Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Renee Marchol of the blog Smarty Girl Leadership Training. Renee is in the middle of a 45 day bike to work challenge. She called me up to discuss the challenges (and solutions) for riders as they start commuting to work by bike. Here’s an excerpt:

What tips do you have for grooming hair for the office or after work events when you commute by bike?

Consider your hair type and adjust accordingly. For fine hair, using a powder shampoo can boost volume. It works proactively by absorbing sweat and oil. It takes only a tussle with the fingertips to reactivate the dry shampoo mid-day. A friend who lives in Europe introduced this solution to Melissa since hairstyling as a rider is a daily habit for Bike Pretty…


Get the rest of tips – and read the entire interview – at Renee’s blog: 3 Ways to Bike Pretty to Work Starting in September: An Interview with Melissa

Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show: I’m The Meat in A New Bike’s Sandwich

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Matthew Reamer for Momentum Magazine

Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show: I’m The Meat in A New Bike’s Sandwich

Back in December, I partied with Glen & Andrew of A New Bike at the Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show. Somehow I only just found this picture of the three of us on the Momentum Magazine site.

It brought back a lot of fun memories and a few questions. What is in that glass? Why am I wearing a belly shirt? In December? How did I get my hair like that? Just kidding, here’s the answer to that last question.

Glen & Andrew are the brains behind the well-produced bicycle stories on A New Bike. Their interviews uncover the different perspectives of a diverse group of riders. I think Randee Sue’s is my favorite, but you should read them all.