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A generous handful of must read links for your long Easter weekend.

☛ I picked up 2 vintage berets last month, but I’ve totally stalled out on how to wear them. Retro Chick comes to the rescue with 3 Ways to Wear a Beret.

☛ Salvatore Ferragamo threw a beautiful fête at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor. Dita Von Teese, Devon Aoki, and Marissa Mayer were in attendance. Sadly, my invitation was lost in the mail? Via Women’s Wear Daily.

☛ A 1908 vision of women’s liberation. Scary back then. Awesome to our eyes. Bonus: free fudge. Via The Appendix.

☛ I have this ongoing project: cleaning out my closet. It’s kinda become my second hobby. Turns out I’m really good at buying clothes and not wearing them. If you’re anything like me, look for these 9 signs you shouldn’t buy that item of clothing you’re trying to talk yourself into buying. Via XO Jane

☛ Helmets are cute and all, but they are one of the least important cycling safety measures, according to British Cycling policy advisor Chris Boardman. Via

☛ Vanity Fair at its best: a juicy long read all about Hollywood’s Top Stylists. “Are the top Hollywood stylists cold-eyed deal-makers, or vulnerable freelancers, dependent on the whims of designers and stars? ” Via Vanity

☛ Now that the weather is warming up, you’re probably thinking about how to transition out of your winter-cycling wardrobe. Shaye has illustrated thoughts she would like to share with you. Via Simple Recipes for Disaster

☛ Best friends Katy and Katie tackle this dubious Anthropologie hack. “I hate word hack. I hate it.” Definitely a must watch, but be prepared to cackle like a crazy lady. Via Just the Tips

Future Luxe: Cool Bike Helmets for Winter

Holy crap, fashion magazines have a lot of style inspiration in them. Unfortunately, the good stuff is all spaced out over multiple publications and cluttered up with stuff like “words” and “advertisements”.

Fortunately for you, I consumed several thousand recent issues of style tomes, domestic and international, and hand-culled relevant images forming them into trend collages. I got the digital paper cuts. Now you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

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There’s a clear trend for dressing like a high-tech space princess. To help you make the most of it, I used  specialized image recognition software to select a generous handful of cool bike helmets to suit your bike fashion needs.
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1. Yakkay Helmet Luzern Faux Fur

Be Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago on a motherf***ing bike and wear the furriest headgear you can find. It’s cold out there, but it’s nowhere near as cold as the windswept Russian snowfields. Of your heart. Also comes in black (the helmet AND your heart).

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2. Nutcase Silver Sparkle Bike Helmet

This is the silver sibling of Nutcase’s best-selling Gold-Sparkly lid. Close up, the satin-finish base has an all-over iridescent glitter effect, as if you jet-packed through a cloud of moon dust.

3. Nutcase Removable Ear Pads

Outer space is really freaking cold. If you choose a Nutcase helmet, add these ear protectors to keep you toasty while zipping through the cosmos. Once the axis of the Earth shifts back towards the sun, stow them away and enjoy the breeze.

4. Bern Muse Helmet with Black Fleece

A dome-style helmet with a built-in visor, like this number from Bern, is the classic shape for stylish commuters, male & female. The high-gloss black finish looks ultra-sleek, and the included removable fleece liner renders it suitable for all-seasons.

5. Lazer Street Checkered Helmet

Checkerboard patterns hit the scene in Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2013 collection for Louis Vuitton, but this trend isn’t going anywhere in 2014. Lazer deftly blends high-fashion and street style in this cool black & white lid.

6. Glow-in-the-dark Belle Helmet

Independent helmet artiste Danielle Baskin has been expanding her line of hand-painted and hand-finished helmets. Here she uses phosphorescent paint to modernist effect on this matte black Hypercubes design.

7. Lazer Street Deluxe Chrome Helmet

Last but not least, this skate-inspired street helmet sports a mirror-like chrome finish that will get you noticed. Mostly because people love looking at themselves in the mirror. Oooooh shiny!

Must Read Links


The holiday season is in full swing. Lots of occasions to celebrate with friends and family. And there’s always that person who whips out the camera (okay, that’s usually me. I love taking party pics!).  Be prepared to look your best and brush up with these 7 Posing Techniques For Non-Models. Via Photography Tuts Plus

I’m a huge fan of hard cider and a bit of a dabbler in DIY. So I’m dying to try this home-made hard cider recipe. Via The Portland Mercury

In the world of bike fashion bloggery, helmets are a polarizing moral issue. In terms of controversy, it even beats out the Idaho stop. Personally, I’ve been a daily cyclist for over a decade, and I usually wear my helmet. It’s a nice piece of protective gear, and some styles are actually quite cute! But I’ve long suspected that helmets are not the end-all be-all of safe biking. Have the benefits of bicycle helmets been exaggerated? Via Science Nordic

Less than 1% of the commuting public rides a bike to work, according to a 2012 report by the US Census. So for the 99+%, here are 9 reasons why you should never bike to work. Via Huffington Post Green

You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, thinking about your life and– “Smile! It’s not that bad,” or worse, interrupts your thought process. Looking back on my own experiences as a woman in the US, I realized that a big part of the appeal of biking was the way it renders a lot of street harassment out of earshot. For her part, artist-activist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh confronts the intimidation (which is a normalized and engrained part of our culture, btw) directly with her Stop Telling Women To Smile street art project. Via Mass Appeal

Video: A freaking shampoo commercial gave me chills. By the end of the minute-long spot, I had nearly burst into tears, yet also felt hopeful about the future. (Listen, I was not in the throes of PMS!) Watch this ad by Pantene Phillipines. Even the cover of a cover (Mad World, originally by Tears for Fears) that was used so brilliantly in another amazing ad (for a video game) is a statement about the messages we receive as part of society. But for gosh’s sakes, don’t read the comments section! You’ve been warned.

Bike Fashion Outfit Ideas For Fall

It’s been ages since I’ve posted any personal style. One of the reasons is that here in San Francisco, our seasons don’t really match up with the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. Our Summer was chilly (and often foggy). And then right after the Equinox, the temperature soared and everyone lost their minds a little bit and hit the beach. But it didn’t seem right to post a picture of me in a sundress while the rest of the country was wrapping their brain around the concept of “sweater weather.”

So I’ve been sitting on this outfit since early June. The grey wool jacket and tights combo just make more sense for Fall inspiration, don’t you think?

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This is a pretty typical outfit configuration for me: novelty print top, A-line skirt, snazzy jacket, and a pair of tights. Here in SF it’s actually a year-round look. We’re just regularly temperatured like that, okay?

bike fashion, outfit ideas, autumn, fall, english style, vintage style, bike pretty, bikepretty, pretty bike, cycle style, fashion bike, bike chic, bike style, cycle chic, bike skirt, bike in a skirt, cute helmet

And I’ve usually got my trusty leather satchel with me as a run bike errands around town. My helmet is from Giro. Tights are from American Apparel.

bike fashion, outfit ideas, autumn, fall, english style, vintage style, bike pretty, bikepretty, pretty bike, cycle style, fashion bike, bike chic, bike style, cycle chic, bike skirt, bike in a skirt, cute helmet

I can’t help it! Pattern-mixing makes me smile. So does matching my shoes to my bag (just my inner Southern girl coming out).

If you’re wondering how to bike in a skirt and protect your dignity, check out these posts for my tips and tricks. You’ll never (unintentionally) flash someone again!

Must Read Links

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Happy Friday the Thirteenth! Forget about trying to work today. It will probably go terribly awry. Save yourself the trouble and check out these links instead.

Sweet Georgia Brown takes on Cycle Chic shame and ponders if fashion can be feminist.

♕ “I love being wealthy. I do. I can buy things for my parents, I can give to homeless people in the street. I can take a cab. I can have a bike in Paris, London and New York.” An interview with Artist-Designer Andre Walker on how luxury brands are selling a scam (but it doesn’t have to be that way).

✪ This profile of Baltimore Bike Party perfectly sums up bike party culture.

✂ Is biking the next surfing? I mean, can Rapha turn bike culture into a lifestyle brand (like Quiksilver) and sell a whole bunch of jeans in the process?

✺ On principle, I detest art made out of re-purposed bike parts. But the Ballroom Luminoso project is so gorgeous, I have to make an exception.

❀ Sally of Already Pretty swears by washing her face with Grapeseed oil instead of soap. Turns out that a whole bunch of people are treating their acne by swapping commercial cleansers for organic oils.

☞ The adorable Rachel P. takes on Helmet Hair and wins. Check out her how-to on

⚉ The New York Times’ video series On the Street with Bill Cunningham never fails to charm. Here he covers the power of pajama pants, then takes us on a (bike) ride through New York history. If he can’t get you to crack a smile, then you probably don’t have human feelings. I’m sorry.