UK cycling events: what’s on?

4. Bristol Vintage VeloNow that the Tweed Run and the World Naked Bike Ride (NSFW) have been and gone, you may be wondering if the silly season is already over for cyclists. Not to worry though, there’s plenty more to look forward to!

Thanks to the Tour de France kicking off in Yorkshire this month, the UK has gone a bit bicycle mad, with special events and festivals taking place throughout the summer. From serious, sportive stuff like RideLondon’s Grand Prix to the family-friendly focus at the Bristol cycling festival, there’s something for everyone – especially chic cyclists. So what’s on? Continue reading

London Tweed Run Winner: Most Dashing Dame, 2014

As we’ve pointed out before, the London Tweed Run is just chock-full of style champs.

London Tweed Run Most Dashing Dame
…but there can only be one winner.

Cue Adriana here, packing a powerful monochromatic punch in primary yellows and reds.

Just what is it that won her that coveted Most Dashing Dame award?  Is it her timely donning of refreshingly summer-y tweed?

…her graceful modeling of hosiery, gifted* to all participants by Tweed Run sponsor London Sock Company?

Maybe it’s the fact that she matched her pair, in the delightfully-named hue of East India Saffron, to her millinery trim.

…and lest we forget, to her translucent frames.

Whatever the catalyst, Adriana’s look made for a striking ensemble on the streets of London.

Amidst a sea of browns and olive greens, her cheery yellows, deft combination of textures, and tertiary-hued accessories really brought a lively dose of style to the 2014 edition.

Before you plan your 2015 outfit, remember Adriana, as well as last year’s winner: unexpected colors always take first prize.


*(Ed. note: yeah, the schwag can be that good.  The fruits of my goody bag skewed pink.)

Tweed Run Street Style: 2014 Teaser

Well now.

If you’ve been leading a life dangerously imperiled by lack of access to the sublime #tweedrun hashtag, fear not, we’re here to remind you that the 2014 London Tweed Run went down this past Saturday.

And as per usual, it was a whole lotta fun.  Like, this much fun:

Tweed-Run-2014-London-Bike-Pretty-Photos-Kelly-Miller-8 (1)

Sorting through my photos from the event since has put me in a state of swooning reverie.


…a state punctuated by penny farthings,


…myriad shooting stockings,


cape or two,

Tweed-Run-2014-London-Bike-Pretty-Photos-Kelly-Miller-2 (1)

one extremely covetable and expertly-modeled pair of Vivienne Westwood pirate boots (we’ll get to HRH Karina’s full look later),


and a disparate array of tweed-iness (and hosiery) so vast and colorful as to induce a state of shock.


I’m not gonna lie, going back to real life has been difficult.

Call it tweed run withdrawal, if you will: riding through the streets of London minus the 500 fellow tweed-ified lunatics cyclists at one’s back is frankly just not as much fun.

So until next year, we’ll just have to find solace in the photos, and inspiration in the details.

I was happy to note some signature Bike Pretty techniques in this year’s crop:

Tweed-Run-2014-London-Bike-Pretty-Photos-Kelly-Miller-1 (1)

E.g., knotted skirts


& milk-maid braids (even better with fox fur and chartreuse leather gloves),


ample examples of cycling in heels,


handlebar-mounted bags (hey, @cyclodelic!),


and a few nods to the oft-turbaned patron saint of Bike Pretty herself, one Ms. Catherine Baba.


I can’t wait to be ringin’ mah bell and blockin’ double-deckers again next year.  Er, rather, photo-marshalling from the back of Peter Georgallou‘s cargo bike (Ed. note: This above photo via 8and2; thanks guys!)


In the meantime, looks like I need to get my bike-bar up to Quirkessentials‘ level.

I like the back-up merlot [for when the gin runs out]; nice touch.

Tweed Run Street Style: The Importance of Argyle

Lest one forgets: hosiery.  It’s important.

And never more so than at the London Tweed Run.

With few patterns more emblematic of the British Isles than argyle, it’s no surprise this historical favourite of Scottish highlanders made a strong showing at the 2013 ride.

Enjoy these stylish folk as we count down the days to the Saturday ride (T-2!!).




Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-5 (1)

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-3 (2)





Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-7 (1)

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-3 (1)


Tweed Run Street Style: Marshals be Ballin’

Guys, ACE season is finally upon us.

E.g., Anachronistic Cycling Event season, a Euro-zone specialty.  Where the aim is to look ace.

We’re already at T-3 days until the 2014 London Tweed Run!  Time flies.


In honor of this annual moment of tweed-ified glory, let’s take a moment to appreciate the innate style embodied by the Marshal* team: that of those dapper ladies and gents that guide the ride through the perilous streets of central London, blocking double-deckers and shushing irrate black-cab drivers with a courteous

“We’ll just be a few moments, kind Sir!”

…even when it’s really more like 7 moments.  If single moments were actual minutes.

Below, a BP round-up of my fellow gallant sherpas** from last year’s ride, 2013.  You can tell us by the distinct caps, made by Mr. Hat of fine Dashing Tweeds fabric.

The latter is in charge of team schwag again this year.  Stay tuned for the big reveal this Saturday.

2013 Head Marshal, the Supremely Babe-ly Simon Ash (husband of the Sublime Jo Ash), leads the team in a pre-ride huddle. Check out that custom Cordings 3-piece!

Shibby dresses like this all the time. Really. Also, his gin & tonic skills are as good as he looks. #winning

Forgive the hi-viz, it’s the health & safety people. Enjoy Debbie’s lovely face instead.

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-1 (1)
The ride gets going in Regent’s Park.

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-9 (1)
Real Men wear pink.

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-7 (2)
Simon directing the crew down Regent Street. 

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-0 (1)
Notice how his seat matches his tires?? Oh, and that smile? Yeah.

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-8 (1)
In action. IN SPATS!

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-2 (2)
Ok, so he’s not a Marshal. But he is a Boss. 

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-4 (1)
All the single ladies…

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-2 (1)
Peter Georgallou, my style icon.

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-1 (2)
Ted Young-Ing, co-Founder of the Tweed Run, checks his iphone.  In plus-fours.

Caren Hartley, jeweller and burgeoning frame-builder, dazzles in her signature Valentino specs and perfect red-orange lips. 

These boys. 

Tweed-Run-2013-London-Marshal-Team-photos-Kelly-Miller-8 (2)
Hope to see you at the tea party!  Don’t forget your mophie, you’re gonna wanna get ur IG on.


*Full disclosure: I was a Marshal last year.  And I’m a Marshal again this year.  #biased

**Just one of many monikers employed in team emails throughout this year’s training session.