London Bike Fashion

The top five cities for bike fashion are New York, San Francisco, Melbourne, and Sydney, with London at the head of the peloton pack.

London Bike Fashion

How do I know? Because this blog receives more visitors from London than any other city.

I’m not the least bit surprised that Londoners are so adept at cycle chic. It’s the home of Bike Pretty contributor Kelly and the original Tweed Run. And when I visited the fashion capital, I could barely turn a corner without bumping into some stylishly-clad hipster on two wheels.

London Bike Fashion

As the Northern Hemisphere* creeps into the warm seasons, get inspired by these street style shots I took while in London last Summer. I even put together a few style guides so you can get the look in your hometown.

London Bike Fashion ⬆︎ Doesn’t this remind you of this?

Get the look:London Bike Fashion

Kelly Brook Black Lace Bow Front Longline Bra | Davines Momo Anti- Frizz Fluid |
MINKPINK ‘Cah Ching’ Sunglasses | Kate Spade New York ‘Polka Dot’ Reusable Shopping Tote | Desigual Dress from ZalandoMartone Cycling Co. Women’s Mercer Bike | Even&Odd Ballet Pumps Silver | DKNY ‘Lace Curves’ Shaping Brief

London Bike Fashion
London Bike Fashion

London Bike FashionGet the look:

London Bike Fashion for SpringMarni Top | Desigual Mirror Paulina | Ray-Ban Large Metal Aviator | Aerie Mia Eyelet Pushup Bra | bareMinerals Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner | Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Protect SPF 30 | Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain | Spankie Low Rise PADDED Bike Short | Jason Wu + Melissa Shoes | Bobbin Bicycles Birdie Hybrid Bike | Forever New Alyssa Aztec Jacquard Skirt

London Bike Fashion
London Bike Fashion
Get the look:
The London Look: Cycle Chic

Desigual clothes from Zalando | Giro Surface Urban Helmet | Pashley Princess Sovereign | Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus | McQ Alexander McQueen Razor Blade Leather Triple-Wrap Bracelet

*Shout out to my readers in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane! You’re all in the top ten Bike Pretty Cities.

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Bike Fashion – Athleta Separates for the Commute

Bike Fashion - Athleta Outfit by Bike Pretty

I don’t like work out clothes. I don’t like dressing down just because I’m going to get sweaty. But I’m no priss. I love hiking, camping, and of course riding my bike.

Even when I was a little kid, I would wear poofy dresses party dresses to play in the snow. (My mom made sure that I wore jeans underneath. This was in the eighties. Then that trend blew up in the nineties. Coincidence?)

So I’d just stopped paying attention to athletic apparel. Or worse, I considered it the source of that wretched leggings-as-pants blight. Shudder.

Bike Fashion Commuter - The Athleta Skort

Then out of the blue, the kind folks at Athleta invited me to go shopping on their dime. As part of their “Street Style meets Fit Style” challenge, they wanted my take on bike fashion. To be frank, I nearly turned them down. I’ve completely written off exercise clothes for the past 5 years.

But you can never have too many pairs of socks, right? So I decided to check out the website.

Athleta gear and the Bike Pretty Satchel

The Athleta gear was not what I expected. I think I actually started salivating. There were plenty of cute options. Things I actually wanted to wear while biking around San Francisco.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of those racer-back shelf-bra tanks with wee little pockets. And they’ve got leggings for days. But there was enough good stuff that I had a hard time sticking to the budget.

A trip to the Athleta store uncovered even more possibilities. I think I wandered around with about 20 pounds of clothes until one of the lovely salespeople rescued me.

Bike Fashion - Athleta's Bike Separates by Bike Pretty

I’m really happy with the outfit I put together from my spoils. I’m wearing the Ombre Convertible Scarf over a vintage Cacharel shirt and my old Zac Posen x Target red leather jacket. My bamboo bicycle looks quite chic with the Bike Pretty Satchel, a leather handlebar bag that I designed.

I love how these Snow Flower Knee High Socks go with my favorite red and white ghillie brogues. (Sorry, if you’re sick of seeing these shoes in my outfit posts. But I can’t stop/won’t stop.)

Last but not least, I’ve been shopping for a gored skirt for ages. This once classic, but labor intensive, silhouette has gone by the wayside as apparel companies simplify production. But a gored skirt drapes like no other. So I was pretty shocked to find one at Athleta. Even better, this gored skirt has a very bike pretty surprise.

Bike Fashion Dilemma: What to wear underneath your skirt and on a bike - The Athleta Skort

Built-in shorts!

Find more inspiration on Atheleta’s Fit Style Meets Street Style community page.

Dazzling Blue Gift Guide: Presents for People Who Ride Bikes

Last week Pantone, the venerable color forecasting company, announced 2014′s Color of the Year: Puke Purple Radiant Orchid. I must admit, I am disappointed.  Not that I was expecting a pick as awesome as last year’s Emerald Green. But it’s obvious that the most culturally relevant color from Pantone’s Spring Summer line-up is No. 18-3949, a.k.a. Dazzling Blue.

Personally, I could care less about the color. Sure, it’s a nice true blue. But it’ll never be as sexy as Yves Klein’s.

What the color lacks in sexiness though, it makes up for in bikeyness. Dazzling Blue is a close sister to the shade that is all over New York’s Citi Bikes. The very bike share program that the Wall Street Journal declared a “roaring success” despite some very public naysaying by the WSJ’s own important cranky person editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz.

So even though we don’t all live in (or anywhere near) NYC, let’s celebrate the spirit of the country’s most successful bike share system with this similarly-colored gift guide.

inspired by IFB
RydeSafe Reflective Modular Bike Decals Kit Pantone Color Report for Spring Summer 2014 Loeffler Randall Rider Satchel Fratelli Orsini Everyday Women's Italian Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves Citi Bikes Are Really Here Bern Unlimited Bandito EPS Matte Finish Snow Helmet with Black Liner Serfas Thunderbolt USB Headlight Serfas Thunderbolt USB Taillight Pringle Women's Bianca Plain Wool Boot Socks Ass Savers SmartAss Bicycle Rain Fender - Blue Otto London Urban Poncho Image Map

Bern Unlimited Bandito EPS Matte Finish Snow Helmet with Black Liner // This nifty helmet is not just for hard knocks. It also keeps the ears toasty warm thanks to the additional liner.

Serfas Thunderbolt USB Headlight and Taillight // As a cyclist biker, I am always buying bike lights. So a spare pair is an especially thoughtful gift. I loved my Serfas Thunderbold Taillight. It was super-bright in the city and easy to charge via USB. It also fits easily in a pocket.  (I left mine on my bike while I ran into a store. When I came back 5 minutes later, it was stolen.)

Ass Savers SmartAss Bicycle Rain Fender  // This stocking-stuffer is not meant to replace heavy duty fenders that are all kinds of tricky to install. Think of it as an emergency back-up. The fender folds in half and lives comfortably under your saddle all year round. When a sodden situation suddenly occurs, you can unfold it and install as a fender-lite in your seat rails. Voìla, day–and ass–saved.

Loeffler Randall Rider Satchel // The Rider Satchel is the most beautiful (and designer-y) handlebar bag money can buy. Actually it’s far too expensive to actually leave on your bike while you park it outside the liquor store or nail salon. But let’s dream about how pretty your bike would look with this on your handleabars, okay?

Pringle Women’s Bianca Plain Wool Boot Socks // When you were a kid and you got socks for Christmas, it was the worst. Now that you’re grown and doing your own laundry (kinda, laundry quarters don’t grow on trees, gnome sane?) you wish someone loved you enough to give you a pair of wool socks and a lump of artisanal mesquite charcoal for your hipster hibachi.

Otto London Urban Poncho // Let’s talk about rain-coats. I think you might’ve been lied to for your entire life. There’s a way better option out there, especially if you ride a bike. That’s right, a rain poncho. It’s like being a human umbrella. It keeps you dry in a hands-free way and still allows for plenty of air circulation. If you know what I mean. This one even includes tasteful reflective piping and handlebar straps so you can really get your rainy-day bike on.

Fratelli Orsini Everyday Women’s Italian Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves // When I lived in Florence, I used to admire the beautiful leather gloves in the shops near the Ponte Vecchio. At the time, I was a poor student and €50 was too much for me to spend on a pair of Royal Blue gloves. Now I’m a poor blogger, so…hint, hint (I’m a size 7).

RydeSafe Reflective Modular Bike Decals Kit // You can’t just throw some 3M reflective stripe on a product and declare it “bike-friendly”. That shiny sh** needs to look cool, too. That’s where these sweet stickers from Rydesafe come in. Add them to your bike, helmet, heels, whatevs. If you’re trying to be seen, you might as well look good.

Bike Print – Cute Kids Clothes

Gah! I wish this adorable bike print shirt came in my size. I usually don’t go for all gold bike-print errything but I am a sucker for novelty-print button-up shirts.
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Get it at My Habit’s sale of bike-themed kids’ clothes. I’ve spent a lot of time around little kids. So I know that they are basically animated dolls you can dress for your own amusement. Time to stock up!

There is also a cute pair of overalls and an extremely dapper bow tie.

bike print, kids clothes, cute bike stuff, bike theme clothes, kids clothes with bikes, bike pretty, bikepretty, pretty bike, cycle style, fashion bike, bike fashion, bike chic, bike style, cycle chic, outfit ideas

bike print, kids clothes, cute bike stuff, bike theme clothes, kids clothes with bikes, bike pretty, bikepretty, pretty bike, cycle style, fashion bike, bike fashion, bike chic, bike style, cycle chic, outfit ideas