UK cycling events: what’s on?

4. Bristol Vintage VeloNow that the Tweed Run and the World Naked Bike Ride (NSFW) have been and gone, you may be wondering if the silly season is already over for cyclists. Not to worry though, there’s plenty more to look forward to!

Thanks to the Tour de France kicking off in Yorkshire this month, the UK has gone a bit bicycle mad, with special events and festivals taking place throughout the summer. From serious, sportive stuff like RideLondon’s Grand Prix to the family-friendly focus at the Bristol cycling festival, there’s something for everyone – especially chic cyclists. So what’s on? Continue reading

You can leave your hat on…

FB_17-800x508 Since Yves Saint Laurent introduced them back, the last season, the hats are the new must have. Right now, on a beach, a Nashville advertising photographer is taking pictures of some Boheme girl, wearing a hat and drinking Jesus juice (wine). The hats are always adding some coolness to your style. It makes you feel different, just like a New Yorker somewhere in Paris. The hats are fashionable and they can transform your look from a boring to a romantic one.

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Trend Alert – Hairdressing Scissors

Edward Scissorhands rides a bike, via Silenced Majority Portal

Above all hairdressing scissors have to be functional and at one with the stylist but after the initial functionality comes the design aspect and it’s great to see manufacturers thinking out the box and creating some really beautiful tools. Here is our round up of functional hair scissors that can also be classed as a work of art. Continue reading

Wardrobe clear-outs: necessary yearly ritual or losing valuable vintage?

We’ve all tried rummaging through a closet that’s full to bursting and yet doesn’t seem to hold anything we actually want to wear. When you consider that the average British woman reportedly spends £80,000 on clothes in a lifetime, it’s not surprising that many of us have wardrobes that are a little out of control. With this in mind, are regular clear outs just a pain or the answer to the problem?
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Picking the Right Dress Length


Dressing well is a fine art. Done right it can give you more confidence, enhance your natural figure, and show off aspects of your personality. Much of the basis to great dressing is finding cuts and outfits that suit your shape. First you must be really honest with yourself about which category you fall under. Most women in the UK are pear or apple shaped, but there are also a good mix of hour glass, sporty and broad shouldered babes too. One of fashion’s holy grails, and something many women covet, is finding “the dress”. This is not a one size fits all prize though, and it can take many hours in a changing room to find “the one”. For a good starting point, choose from one of the 3 length options below and tailor to your own shape and tastes. Continue reading