I love seeing bikes in fashion photo shoots. Especially for products that don't have anything cycle-specific about them. Like this shot from Vividly, a line that marries art and fashion and a new-fangled printing technique.

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Did you know that I am a huge nerd? To be precise, I am a digitally-printed textile nerd.

You guys!! Digitally printed fabric is so cool! I studied it in Fashion School. Imagine a giant ink-jet printer connected to a giant roll of white material. Designers can print any image they like onto fabric, just as if it were paper.

I was researching where I could have my own designs printed. Instead I found Vividly and fell in love with their concept. You can shop the site for cute tanks and scarves featuring original work submitted by artists. Or you can submit your own design and let other people shop for it.

If a design proves popular enough (based on pre-orders) it is digitally printed, sewn up, and shipped out. vividly, art and fashionvividly, art and fashionvividly, art and fashion

I always lose track of time when I'm browsing the site. It's cool to see how a basic tank can have so many different moods depending on the print. Click here to learn more about Vividly.

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