9 Picks For A Cool Bike Helmet


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The search for a cool bike helmet is never-ending. A stylish head-protector can enhance your outfit. And help you feel more comfortable as you ride this Summer. Fortunately, there are a lot of pretty lids out there. But only if you know where to look. I went digging through the current options to find my top 9 picks for a cool bike helmet. My favorite shape is the smooth dome style, with or without a brim.

I also wanted to make sure that all of the helmets could be ordered online, for your convenience.

And finally, color is key. For that, I turned to the experts: Pantone. Specifically, the Summer 2013 color guide for Beauty.

That means you can match your helmet to your favorite nail wraps. Or even your eyeshadow. Paying attention to the details that will pull your whole look together.

9 Cool Bike Helmets for Summer 2013

Electra Solid Color Helmet in Cream Sparkle

1. Electra Solid Color Helmet in Cream Sparkle

I still get emails from people asking where to find a pretty off-white helmet like the one in the photo above. This subtly shiny version from Electra is pretty much spot-on. It even includes a contrasting visor to shade your eyes. Retro-reflective straps and a magnetic clasp keep this looker securely strapped to your dome.

 Triple Eight Gotham Rubber Helmet in Darklight Reflective

2. Triple Eight Gotham Rubber Helmet in Darklight Reflective

A very, very dark grey by day, the specialty finish of this multisport helmet really shines when it catches the light. Known as retroreflective, this material reflects light back to the source. At night, this can make you especially visible to car drivers as the light from their headlights is reflected off your helmet and back to their eyes.

174Hudson + Closca CPSC Certified Lightweight Folding and Portable Helmet in Sea Foam   

3. 174Hudson + Closca CPSC Certified Lightweight Folding and Portable Helmet in Sea Foam 

One of the more unusual commuter helmets on my list, this folding helmet is ideal for bike share users, travelers, or simply those who appreciate an elegant design. Well-ventilated and lightweight, this updated version of Closca's crowdfunding hit is easy to pack and stow in a lap-top bag. A must-have if you're tired of carrying around a bulky helmet while off the bike.

Bern Unlimited Berkeley Summer Pink Helmet with Visor

 4. Bern Unlimited Berkeley Summer Pink Helmet with Visor

The pale pink shade of this Bern helmet would be just as pretty as a nail polish. This helmet boasts a moisture-control liner to keep you feeling fresh and cool, but doesn't sacrifice style.

S-ONE Lifer CPSC Certified - Double Glitter Silver Gloss

5. S-ONE Lifer CPSC Certified - Double Glitter Silver Gloss 

For all of my holo-sexuals, or just those who can't keep their light under a bushel, this holographic sparkly helmet from S-ONE is all you need for your glow-up. Targeted to the oh-so-cool roller derby market, these padded helmets are also US CPSC certified for use as a bicycle helmet. Also available in a version with built in eye-protection.

 Bern Brighton Helmet Women's Satin Rose Gold

6. Bern Brighton Helmet Women's Satin Rose Gold

I freaking LOOOOOOOVE this helmet. The color and the smooth satin finish are *chef's kiss* pretty perfection. Just a lovely helmet that will frame your beautiful features and let your looks shine.


7. Lazer Armor Deluxe Helmet in Blue-Gray

The twill weave  of this fabric-covered helmet from Lazer resembles your favorite pair of cut-off jeans. And the blue-gray color is just as versatile. Wear this style with anything.

Bell Multi-Sport Helmet Removable Visor, Purple

 8. Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet in Purple

Bell consistently offers great color and style. This violet-hued multi-sport helmet is precisely on-trend. And at $16.99 + shipping, that's a whole lot of look at a rock bottom price.

  Sawako Womens Floral Cream Bicycle Helmet

9. Sawako Womens Floral Cream Bicycle Helmet

And last, but certainly not least, I had to show you this lovely floral helmet from Japanese-by-way-of-London brand Sawako Furono. I adore the Liberty-inspired floral print detail. The pale chartreuse color is freshly feminine.


Learn more about proper helmet fit with Cyclechic's illustrated Helmet Guide.

And did you know that some cycling advocates--especially the founder of Copenhagen Cycle Chic, Mikael Colville-Andersen--are against wearing bicycle helmets? Read Elly Blue's thorough write-up on the helmet debate here.

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