Huckleberry SaleHuckleberry Bicycles is my favorite place to check out cool bike stuff. It's a perfect example of a new type of LBS that is devoted to creating a wonderful experience for the customer not the hardcore bike nerds behind the counter. In place of fluorescent lighting and standard retail displays are tons of natural light and custom woodwork. bike commuter gear on sale at huckleberry bikes, cool bike stuff, huckleberryThey recently expanded and were able to add more apparel to the sales floor. And get this. There is a dedicated fitting room. With a mirror. I can't tell you how many local bike shops overlook this detail. I've spent way more time than I want to admit dropping trou in a greasy storage closet just to try on some commuter pants. huckleberry bicycles Spring SaleLucky for us, Huckleberry is having a huuuuuge sale on everything in stock, including bikes and apparel. They carry some of the best like Levi's, Giro, Pedaled, and my favorite, Iladora. Visit the shop at 1073 Market Street, San Francisco or shop a limited selection online.

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