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bike, bright, blue, heidi braids, legs, model Photographs of the stylish set surrounding the Milan Fashion Shows are my favorite part of fashion week. Happily, more than a few of the editors, buyers, and stylists decided to get around the medieval city by bike.

bike, green, brunette, legs, fashion, boots

Is she giving a friend a ride on her bike? That's adorable.

turban, palazzo pants, turquoise, cruiser, fashion, Milan

All those ridiculous designer clothes come alive when you see them off the runway and worn by non-models.

The Milan Bike Share orange matches the city's iconic streetcars.

bika share, Milan, pink, skirt, step-through, blonde

bike, suit, menswear, fashion, Milan

At first glance, I didn't notice his amazing studded oxfords.

polka dots, black & white, bike, basket, Milan, Fashion

I wear a similar outfit at least once a month. It's important to wear as many Polka Dotted items as you can. Then you win.


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