I wish that I were tough enough to be a ballerina. Like Kelly, I had years of ballet lessons as a kid. I have very vivid memories of my teacher wrapping up her gnarled toes with duck tape in between lessons. That--and the way puberty completely messed up my body awareness--turned me off the idea of en pointe. 

But I still love ballet. Instead of slender sylphs that glide effortlessly across the stage, I prefer my dancers to show exactly how hard they are working dancing.

So it's a very special There's A Bike In It treat to watch Estée Lauder's latest installment of their Modern Muse campaign. Paris Opera House ballerina Amandine Albisson contemplates what it means to be a muse as she bikes beautifully around Paris.

The street scenes are inter-cut with glimpses of Amandine practicing with her dance partner and carefully packing her toe shoes with cotton balls lambswool. It's extremely technical.

I've already watched the short film three times. You can watch it here.

And if you'd like to learn more about ballet, I have to recommend Queen Michelle's series of posts chronicling her trials and tribulations as she takes up a serious study of ballet at an age when most ballerinas have long since retired from the stage.

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