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How Do You Wear Your Converse?

Converse All Stars – or Chuck Taylors – have been around since the early 1920s but remain just as popular today. They were originally designed to be a leading basketball sneaker but nowadays just about everyone has at least one pair in their shoe rack.

If you don't have any lurking in the bottom of your wardrobe, that's a bad sign.– Go find a pair of awesome “Chucks”! There are two main styles, high tops and low tops, but a huge array of colours and designs. Once you’ve got hold of a pair you like, your next task is to decide what you’ll wear them with. 

Skinny Jeans

Converse All Stars have always looked fantastic when paired with denim, but the recent trend of skinny jeans makes them look even better. To get this urban look, make sure your laces are tied underneath the tongue and tuck your jeans into your high tops. Skinny jeans or chinos come in all sorts of colours these days, so stand out from the crowd by pairing them with vibrant coloured low-top Converse


You might not think of pairing these casual trainers with a skirt or dress but you can easily rock this American high school style. It's comfortable and casual, perfect for young teenagers looking to achieve a rebellious look. Some people get so attached to their Converse that they even wear them under their wedding dress for ultimate comfort and style down the aisle!


With changing attitudes to work, corporate culture is shifting and dress codes are becoming more relaxed, making Converse suitable for work attire. Wear a dark pair of low-tops with a trouser suit or jeans and a shirt for a modern work outfit. However, don't try to rock this at the annual board meeting. The boss might not appreciate the casual yet fashionable look.

As you can see, Converse All Stars are an incredibly popular type of trainer and can be worn just about anywhere. There are all sorts of colours and styles to choose from, so get yourself a pair and strut your stuff in your favourite Chucks!

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