Venerable French fashion magazine L'Officiel has put their entire archive online in a searchable database. What a gift to the fashion lover, right? That's where I found this street style report on la journée de la bicyclette, or bicycle day, from 1938.


Please excuse any errors in my translation below!

PARIS The day of the bicycle took place with a maximum of enthusiasm and gaiety, presided over by Mr. André de Fouquières.

This "day" of the bicycle was in fact limited to one morning. However, it was a very busy morning, during which a great number of competitors had to show skill, tenacity and, in some cases, true finesse.

A beauty pageant, a race, and various competitions were all occasions for us to applaud the participants of this charming demonstration.

The particularly admired tandems received the ovation they deserved.

Many personalities of the theater, the cinema, and the world of athletics disported themselves, proving that they were no strangers to the charms of the little queen.

It was also an opportunity for our great couturiers to "exit" delightful creations inspired by the renaissance of the bicycle.


Many thanks to the Vintage Hair Styling: Bobby Pin Blog for bringing this to my attention!

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