Londoners who Cycle support LCC's latest Space for Cycling campaign


Last month, I received a rather funny email. "You're the first people I think of when I think 'tandem,' " wrote Anna of the nonprofit organization, London Cycling Campaign.

I hadn't realized our racing tandem, dorkily lovingly covered in tweed since the 2013 Tweed Run, had reached such levels of ubiquity.

London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-5 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-5

What Anna wanted to know was whether we'd participate in a photo shoot of Londoners who Cycle, for LCC's Space for Cycling campaign.  The answer was obviously yes.  Any opportunity to show off my top-tube pattern-making skills and penchant for More Prints Than the Eye Can Handle is one I'll take, thankyouverymuch.

Really though, LCC's raison d'être is something any cyclist in London could easily get behind.

Their enthusiastic team works round-the-clock to campaign every local council candidate "to support one specific action to create safe Space for Cycling in their area."  Yep, you read that right.  There are people out there whose full-time job is to make local government candidates prioritize the needs of cyclists on London streets.  

And oh, are we a needy bunch. For anyone who has cursed at a double-decker (or six) that whizzed past mere inches from their handlebars, only to have to ride around them when they all stop at the next station 100 meters down the road, or wheezed at the exhaust from the twenty-odd lorries that fly by during an average daily commute,  LCC is basically heaven-sent.

Read more about the campaign here - and, if you're a LDNer, type in your postcode here to see how you can get involved locally. Below is a series of our favorite looks from the shoot, expertly snapped by photographer Steve Rutherford.

London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-1 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-1 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-7 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-7 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-9 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-9 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-2 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-2 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-8 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-8 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-6 London-Cycling-Campaign-LCC-Space-4-Cycling-Steve Rutherford-6

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