If you're anything like me, your wardrobe is overflowing and you need advice on DIY Closets ASAP. Many thanks to Bryn Huntpalmer for putting together this guest post featuring a round-up of awesome projects! -Melissa

Closets are so much more than storage. What girl (and, let’s face it, what man) doesn’t lust after a beautifully crafted and stocked closet? Unfortunately, some homes have less than stellar closets and storage spaces. If this is the case in your home, it’s time for a DIY closet renovation project. Check out these incredible DIY closets for a real storage upgrade.

If your closet is less a room and more an alcove, make it stand out with a sliding barn style door. By building your own sliding door, you can update your closet stylishly while saving space. This particular DIY project costs less than $50 to complete and looks fantastic. 

via Paper Daisy Design

Freestanding Industrial Closet

When your home doesn’t come with built in closet space, what do you do? Build your own, of course. This works best in larger bedrooms, but you can scale down the project to fit your own living space. Use stained 1x4s and galvanized piping to create a trendy, industrial style closet that looks better than the poshest Ikea hack. 

via Ana White

DIY Master Closet

Turn an average walk in closet into a room that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous by building your shelves, drawers, and everything in between yourself. This DIY project is extremely high on both time and money scales, but if you have lots of both, then go for it. The upside? Getting exactly what you want. 

via Sawdust and Paper Scraps


For a truly creative alternative closet setup that doesn’t require its own room, try storing your clothes behind your bed. This storage space is functional, artistic, and unique. Created in the same way as the freestanding industrial closet above, this particular closet is softened with white painted wood and poles. 

via Decor8

Ikea Pax Closet Hack

What is a list of DIY projects without a good Ikea hack? This one takes Ikea’s Pax wardrobe system and gives it a custom made feel with moldings and trims. The result is an incredible walk in closet that looks as if it was built into the house. (The authors suggest a further Ikea hack of two dressers together to make an island in the middle of the room; perfect for jewelry and other accessories.)

via Classy Glam Living

Minimum Effort, Maximum Output Closet

This closet’s chic, modern look can be replicated with very little DIY and monetary effort. With a little creative thinking, this closet makes use of vertical space without boring shelving units or clothes rails. Simply install a high wall-to-wall shelf and a length of piping and add one or two dressers to create a space that works both functionally and aesthetically. 

via Trendenser

The Everything Closet

This one walled closet unit has it all: clothes rails, drawers, shelves, and even shoe racks. The DIY project for a unit like this is likely to be fairly complicated, but the result is pure closet perfection. You’ll have no trouble filling it to the brim with gorgeous dresses and impossible heels. 

via Vissbiz

Now that you have some closet inspiration, it’s time to get building (and shopping, of course!). For even more home renovation tips and tricks, check out Modernize.com.

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