Picking the Right Dress Length



Dressing well is a fine art. Done right it can give you more confidence, enhance your natural figure, and show off aspects of your personality. Much of the basis to great dressing is finding cuts and outfits that suit your shape. First you must be really honest with yourself about which category you fall under. Most women in the UK are pear or apple shaped, but there are also a good mix of hour glass, sporty and broad shouldered babes too. One of fashion’s holy grails, and something many women covet, is finding “the dress”. This is not a one size fits all prize though, and it can take many hours in a changing room to find “the one”. For a good starting point, choose from one of the 3 length options below and tailor to your own shape and tastes.

Mini Mini-dresses, despite what you may have been told, are suitable for women of all ages and in all weathers. Mini is anything from just above the knee to bum-skimmingly short, so choose a length you feel most comfortable in and which is appropriate for the situation you will be wearing it in. A mini is great for both the short and the tall, and can elongate the legs, especially when teamed with a pair of heels. For the winter add a chunky knit cardy, some opaque tights and boots to keep the chill out whilst looking stylish. There are styles of minis to suit all frames from wraps to bodycon, so there is no excuse not to flaunt those pins.

Midi The midi dress is the new girl on the block, and shops are full of this cut this season. You have to be of a certain height to pull this one off as a mid-calf skirt or dress can make shorter ladies appear even smaller. If you are blessed with a towering stature this look is one of both class and style and will make you stand out. Hour-glasses and pears should opt for a wrap version of this trend over a clingy straight shape.

Maxi Maxi dresses can work on many body types. The long and lean can pull off a figure hugging maxi, whilst the apples and pears of the world look fantastic in an A-line dress that falls from the bust. The maxi is effortlessly elegant and can look very sophisticated on an evening out such as the Christmas party. A George at ASDA's maxi dress makes this timeless look affordable as well as fabulous. Shorter ladies can wear a maxi with heels to make themselves appear taller, whereas the tall can wear with flats to equally great effect.

Whichever length you go for there is a dress to suit everyone. Pick colours and prints that reflect your personality and a cut that flatters your shape for a truly stunning and feminine look. Accessorise with jewellery, layers, and other items to change your look from day to night, and remember to walk bike with confidence for the ultimate in femme fatale style.

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