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How to Bike in a Skirt Without Wearing Shorts Underneath

How to Bike in a Skirt Without Wearing Shorts Underneath

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Today I received an awesome question on my Twitter account:

"Do you have any tips on how to bike in a skirt (other than layering w/shorts)?" -@Twice

The short answer is to sport an A-line skirt, much like this one:


And that's about all I could cover (pun intended) in 140 characters. But there's so much more I want to tell you about biking in skirts.

First of all, you don't need to ride a step-through to bike in a skirt. It's never made any sense to me how the presence of a top-tube could mess with my outfit while riding, but it does make the mount/dismount a tiny bit easier. I don't have a step-through so when I'm getting on I just tilt my bike sideways until I can get a leg over without flashing anyone.

Skirt length is really important if you opt to go shorts-less. Make sure you wear something that hits at just above the knee or longer. Cycling posture tends to lengthen the back of your torso making a mini even shorter.

The weight of your fabric is really important, too. Anything gauzy or flow-y tends to blow back off your thighs in your self-generated breeze. Look for sturdier twill weaves that have a bit of heft.

Full, gathered, or pleated skirts also tend to fly up so look for something without excess fabric in the hips.

On the other hand, the longer the skirt, the thinner the fabric needs to be. Only then can you bike like Hanelli:

“I wear whatever I like,” she says breezily. “In fact, I once tied a knot in the hem of a long summer dress to stop it from flowing into the brake and that worked fine.”

Pencil skirts are nearly impossible, which probably lead to the bike fashion cliché below, but I'd like to design some sort of convertible skirt using zippers and godets made of stretch fabric.

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Photographed by Stephen Meisel


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Handmade Cycling Corset

Handmade Cycling Corset
Bow ties and tight lacing at San Francisco Tweed Ride Bow ties and tight lacing at San Francisco Tweed Ride

San Francisco's Tweed Ride proved to be the best occasion to give my cycling corset a proper airing. Fortunately, The Bold Italic showed up.

After a hiatus of a year and half, the Tweed Ride finally returned to San Francisco on June 3rd, 2012. Erin Browner was there to photograph the wooly affair and she did an amazing job on this photo essay.

Of course dressing up for a bike ride is its own reward, but I was truly honored to see my handmade corset featured in the photo story. I made the purple plaid beauty a few years ago when I was attending FITInternational Fashion Design program in Florence, Italy. It was actually a homework assignment!

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Kelly Style: A Fifties Romper Gets A Cycling Update

Kelly Style: A Fifties Romper Gets A Cycling Update

Kelly's Cycle-in-Style Summer tip no. 1:

"Layer a 50s/60s-era beach romper over padded bike shorts for a long-ride look that's both quirky and practical. I love me a good vintage romper. Felt like a genius when I realized it was perfect for cycling. They're actually more useful for that, as you and I both know how much I go to the beach (um never) and it's too ass-hanging-out-y to wear on the street without modesty perfect!"

Well put, Kelly! And thanks for the style inspiration for this set. I can't wait to try it out myself.

Get Kelly's look

Clockwise from top left: La Fee Verte Ikat Jumper, Stop Staring Sailor Playsuit, Quicksilver Spring Swan Romper, Low Rise Padded Spankie & Cycling Pro Padded Shorts from Aerotech, Primal Wear Sparrow Bike Shorts



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Biking in Napa

Biking in Napa

Lauren rides a bike in Napa.  

I've never seen my friend Lauren on a bike here in San Francisco, but she went to Napa last weekend and sent me this gorgeous snapshot.

Thanks for the sweet photo, Lauren. You look amazing!

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