via The Stylograph Shadows are lengthening, leaves are turning gold and holiday tan lines are starting to fade. Winter is coming, and it's bringing with it hot chocolate, chunky knits and the beginnings of the festive season. For anyone struggling to see the positives in this chilly time of year, here are 5 reasons why winter really is the new summer.

1. Winter gives everyone extra time

The end of October brings with it dark days, long nights and a general craving for hibernation, but there is a light at the end of the month in the guise of Daylight Saving. That extra hour in bed makes the prospect of living in relative darkness for the next few months far more bearable. It’s a positive start for a season that’s too often plagued with bad press.

2. Steaming mugs of hot chocolate

This indulgence can be enjoyed all year round, but winter is the best time to appreciate its unbridled power. Coming home to a mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and cream will make being battered by the punishing weather worth it. Almost.

3. Roast dinners with friends

Winter is no time for salad, barbecues or anything that hasn’t been smothered in butter and roasted in a tin. Forget al fresco dining - gather round the oven and impress your friends with a hearty dinner. Follow Jamie Oliver’s roast chicken recipe for a foolproof way to knock up a people-pleasing roast.

4. Warm winter fashion

Grey skies and whipping winds are an ideal excuse to wrap up in the latest trends. Chunky cardigans, cosy sweaters and oversized knits are must-haves for this time of year, so shop for sweatshirts at Very to find a chic cold weather cover-up.

5. Christmas is just around the corner

It's meant to be a forbidden word before the clocks go back, and we're officially appalled at shops already peddling festive wares. But with Christmas, New Year and the joys they bring with them only months away, no one can say it’s wrong to be just a little bit excited about winter.

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