Above all hairdressing scissors have to be functional and at one with the stylist but after the initial functionality comes the design aspect and it’s great to see manufacturers thinking out the box and creating some really beautiful tools. Here is our round up of functional hair scissors that can also be classed as a work of art.

For summer 2013 Jaguar introduced a bold colour palette of stripy patterned hair scissors in colours that were the epitome of the summer. The limited edition pieces are called One, Two, Three and Four and include pinks and greens, oranges and reds, green and mint and yellow and nude. Now summer has faded how about investing in these a quirky pick me up, something bright to get you through the winter months? All four designs are available here   For this Fall Jaguar have a festive offering in the form of Delicate Rose or Sparkling Champagne and, by this, we mean the shimmering metallic colours of their new Gold Line. The Jaguar Coral is wrapped in a delicate pink rose coating while the Jaguar Shell sparkles with the colour of golden champagne. The coating that gives the Shell and Coral their gleam is highly durable so they'll stay looking fabulous whatever your busy life might throw at them. Both Delicate Rose and Sparkling Champagne are available here   Jaguar’s 4th edition are inspired by four strongly modern themes and each detail is sculptured on to the scissors meaning you can actually feel the design details. These are worthy of being classed as art as the four themes explore Goa, Dance, Freak and Ahoy. Goa is a masterpiece of henna tattoos with a golden ring for a nod to Indian style, Dance is a bit of bling with a feather to celebrate club culture, Freak is a celebration of tattoos and piercings and Ahoy is a not Gaultier with a naval twist. Explore the range and work out which mood fits your personality here   Finally in line with the festive season why not have a flirtation with diamonds and glitter in the form of Champion Diamond E. Champion Diamond E is a festive update of the best selling, Diamond E scissors, which includes Jaguar Diva and Jaguar Vamp. Jaguar Dive is pure, bright and white for those who thrive in the spotlight while Jaguar Vamp is dark, dangerous beauty glittering from the shadows. On each design, the glitter is applied by hand before being coated and buffed to a permanent shine perfectly befitting on the festive season. You can shop for diamonds here   Shop for your perfect pair of stylish and design aware professional scissors at http://www.coolblades.co.uk.

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