Wooden Bicycle Wheels discovered in the wild, errr, French blogosphere


Thanks, blogosphere! Even though the site was in French, you still made one of my dreams come true. Fred et son CINELLI Super Corsa X Ghisallo Wooden Rims X Curtis Odom Vintage Style Bicycle Parts


That's a really awesome looking bicycle, but the wheels? They are made out of WOOD. I thought that was a joke we made up at bamboo bike school.

Via the Bikerist


More correctly, the rims are made of wood, as the spokes and hub are still some sort of magical metal alloy.

According to The Bikerist, the wood has carbon inserts making it lighter and stronger than a traditional metal wheel.

These rims are made by another Italian company: Ghisallo Cerchio In Lengo, founded in 1946 near Lake Como. They make rims for several different types of wheels, including a model for mountain bikes.

Pneumatic rim suitable to mountain bike light usage, for off roads but not for big mechanical stress and competition.


"Big mechanical stress," that's such an Italian choice of words; so charming. The rims are available in several different finish colors. Ever attentive to detail, Ghisallo also recommends which shade of brake pad is best for your finish of choice.

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