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Since Yves Saint Laurent introduced them back, the last season, the hats are the new must have. Right now, on a beach, a Nashville advertising photographer (http://www.markdelong.com) is taking pictures of some Boheme girl, wearing a hat and drinking Jesus juice (wine). The hats are always adding some coolness to your style. It makes you feel different, just like a New Yorker somewhere in Paris. The hats are fashionable and they can transform your look from a boring to a romantic one.

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You should choose a hat carefully. It depends on the shape of your face, your style and the color that fits you properly. And if you think that you are able to overcome the comfort of a simple black hat, go for patterns in the shades of camel, beige, khaki, orange terracota (which would highlight the long hair, the bleached / the dyed ombre) or variations in colors like burgundy, khaki, dark green, gray or blue (matching the grunge, rock, punk outfits of the season).Hats are basically assuring us with creativity and individuality. I’ve never seen two girls at a party, wearing the same hats. And that’s really awesome, she can have your dress, but she can never have your hat. It’s time to learn how to wear them everyday. Going for a walk in the park, eating ice cream and kissing a French boy, are all tiny moments that would look simply better, if you would wear a hat. It gives you that necessary dose of majestic femininity portrayed in a very masculine object.In case you’re a rock star baby try to combine a dark gray fedora with some slim leather pants, a pair of boots and a gray vintage t-shirt. For those of you, who are into the casual style, wear a camel hat with some blue jeans and camel boots, or classy leather shoes. And if you’re a very important person, somewhere in England, and you have to attend a royal wedding, wear the craziest hat you can find. We will love to look you up on the Internet, afterwards. The hat, as any other accessory has the goal to make your personality be more visible through what you choose to wear. If the clothes are not showing your inner state well enough, try a hat on. There is a big chance you’ll feel better.

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