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bikepretty, bike pretty, cycle style, cycle chic, bike model, girl on bike, bike fashion, cute bike, melissa davies, melissa, stripes, public bikesWalking in high heels made my feet hurt. There had to be a better way.

So now I bike around San Francisco trying to look as stylish as possible. In a helmet.

Does that spoil the effect?                                 Pshaw!

Me = INTJ according to those ersatz Myers-Briggs tests you can take on the internet.

I’m a Silicon Valley townie, but I’ve also lived in Honolulu, Portland, Nashville, New York City, Milan, and Florence. San Francisco has been my home for the past couple years and I’ve fallen in love with the city all over again.

I have a background in Fashion Design and native advertising. BikePretty is my full-time labor of love.

Follow me: Twitter @BikePretty

E-mail me: Melissa@BikePretty.com

23 thoughts on “About Melissa

  1. Hey Melissa

    This is Rakhi

    It was great meeting you tonight at the cali event.

    I love your blog.. the design is really cool:) and so is the content…

    I would love to stay in touch.. my email is rakhi@popatt.com

    Looking forward to catching up soon


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  3. Hi! Have you spotted any chic ladies and guys on folding bikes? I haven’t come across any blogs that feature a mix of folding bikes and style.

  4. Hi Melissa,
    I recently discovered your blog, and I love it, but it seems to be the only blog on city cycling I can find that’s not based in NYC or thereabouts. I’m in San Jose and would love to read more about people’s cycling experiences in the Bay Area. Are there any locals you follow and can recommend? And thank you for your inspiring posts!

  5. Love your blog! Thanks for the great inspiration and ideas for those of us who like to look spiffy when we bike. :-)

    I’m local and recently acquired a cruiser bike. If you know any sources that have a good round-up of routes in the bay area, please let me know. Thanks again!

    • Hi Tim, Thank you for the shout-out!
      FYI, I’m the blonde pictured above (Melissa). I run the day-to-day blog. Kelly is my BFF and a contributor to Bike Pretty. She lives in London and sends me her amazing pictures.
      Love the party post!

  6. Hi Melissa,

    I found your website via your comment on 101cookbooks.com (about the Dutch and a avocado drink) Maybe you don’t remeber, but it’s so funny. I’m Dutch and I never knew. Now I see that you’re website is about bikes you should really move to Amsterdam. It’s really bike HEAVEN ;-)

    • Hi Karine,

      I love that avocado story, it’s such a fun fact. I learned it from a German woman. Go figure!

      I’ve only visited Amsterdam briefly and I loved riding a bike around the city. I really want to go back.

      Right now my goal is to make San Francisco more like Amsterdam: everybody on bikes!

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  8. Hi!
    I really enjoy your blog! I was wondering what find as the best way to lock your bike to prevent theft.
    Katrina :)

    • Hi Katrina,
      First, a caveat: locks can’t prevent theft. The best they can do is make your bike such a pain to steal that it’s not a good value proposition for a would-be thief.

      Time is money, for bike thieves and the rest of us. That’s why locks are often rated by how many minutes (or seconds) it takes to open one. The longer it takes to release your bike, the less value it offers.

      With that in mind, I go with a multiple security device approach. On one bike, I have locking skewers in the wheels and head set. When I lock it up outside, I use a small u-lock in the rear triangle.

      When I ride a bike that uses quick-release wheels, I bring along my heavy chain lock too, so I can secure the tires to the bike rack also.

      Another trick is to lock your bike next to a fancier bike that has a crappier locking system ;)

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