About Bike Pretty

  • We love matching our nail polish to our favorite vintage hat.
  • We find inspiration in the timeless elegance of vintage photographs.
  • We are never without a cute pair of shoes and our spirit of adventure.
  • We are motivated by the resourceful women in our lives who make the most of a beautiful afternoon.

In 2012, after much encouragement from Jonathan, my boyfriend-at-the-time and current husband, I began taking selfies of my bike-riding outfits and posting them to my website. Thus Bike Pretty the blog was born.

Where can we find cute bike helmets?!

As much as I loved sharing my own take on functional fashion, the best part of blogging was finding other people who were passionate about bikes, clothes, and how to use both to express themselves.

The more I got to know this fantastic community of creative minds, the more I kept hearing one question over and over: where can we find cute bike helmets?

For many, a helmet is a must-have wearable item for riding a bike. Shouldn’t a helmet be able to tell a story like the rest of a carefully curated outfit? At the very least, it shouldn’t scream its own message, like I’m trying to win the Tour de France, also I am from outer space!

Just, no.

One day, while I was ranting about the lack of bike helmets people actually wanted to wear, Jonathan asked the question that changed Bike Pretty forever:“what if we open our own helmet shop on-line?”

In 2014, we started with a small order of hat-style helmets from Europe. We were so green that we didn’t get them in stock until after the end of that year’s bike season. Oops. After a couple of slow weeks/months, we got a lucky break in the local paper and the business has been steadily growing ever since.

Anyone can Bike Pretty: it starts with knowing we stand out from the crowd and feeling really great about that! We never know what we’ll encounter on a ride, but we know we’ll look ever so charming in the photos. ;)


About Jonathan and Melissa of Bike Pretty

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