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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Straw Hat Bike Helmet safe?

Look underneath the Pretty and you'll find Smart, literally!

The Straw Hat Bike Helmet is two separate components: the YAKKAY Smart 2 bicycle helmet and the Bike Pretty Straw Hat cover. The Yakkay Smart 2 is Danish-designed and US CPSC and EN 1078 certified safe for use as a bicycle helmet in the United States and Europe (view documentation). We like to combine the best of both worlds, "pretty smart" wouldn't you say?

Which size should I buy?

Use a tape measure to measure your head circumference one inch above your eyebrows and compare that to the sizing chart on each product page on our website. 

Keep in mind that head circumference is a great way of estimating your helmet size, but the only way to know for sure is to try it on. That is why we provide free returns and exchanges in most cases. We’re always happy to answer specific questions and even schedule a fit consultation over phone or video call!

What is the Straw Hat Bike Helmet?

All of our hat-style helmets, including the Straw Hat Bike Helmet, are two separate components: the Danish-designed YAKKAY Smart 2 bicycle helmet and a hat-style cover. The Yakkay Smart 2 is US CPSC and EN 1078 certified safe for use as a bicycle helmet in both the United States and Europe. The covers are hand made to be both beautiful and tough so you can arrive looking good in any conditions. 

Select the Helmet + Cover package during checkout to receive both the helmet and cover as a bundle. Or buy Cover Only if you already own a Yakkay Smart 2 bike helmet.

Ride your bike. Wear what you like.

What's better than a glass of champagne? A glass of pink champagne! At Bike Pretty we believe in overdressing for the occasion. We take delight in matching our nail polish to our bike bell. We celebrate silliness and revel in frivolity. But at the end of the day, it's all about having fun!

All style. No Sweat.

Riding a bike is the best thing ever. And when I ride, I like to wear what I want. Whether I'm sprinting up hills or taking a slow ride along the coast, I want to express my own style. 

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