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All style. No Sweat.

Riding a bike is the best thing ever. And when I ride, I like to wear what I want. Whether I'm sprinting up hills or taking a slow ride along the coast, I want to express my own style. 

Ride your bike. Wear what you like.

What's better than a glass of champagne? A glass of pink champagne! At Bike Pretty we believe in overdressing for the occasion. We take delight in matching our nail polish to our bike bell. We celebrate silliness and revel in frivolity. But at the end of the day, it's all about having fun!

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Pretty Bikes to Ride in Style

Pretty Bikes to Ride in Style

Dear Bike Pretty, I noticed the pink bike has the Bike Pretty logo. Do you sell bikes? I am looking for one like the pale yellow or the pink one in your photos. Thanks, Barbara Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for reaching out! Unfortunately, we do not sell bikes...

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Why Do Companies Put Bikes in Their Ads

Why Do Companies Put Bikes in Their Ads

I've been collecting ads that use bicycles as a metaphor for peace of mind and fun. While TV shows and movies will often put a character on a bike only to have them crash horribly (because car companies finance them?), advertisers know bikes mean freedom for their target customers. These ads are neither...

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Keep riding bikes, we are still shipping helmets

Keep riding bikes, we are still shipping helmets Riding a bike is a wonderful way to keep your body moving while practicing physical distancing and we are honored to help your bike rides be a little more stylish. We’re open for business and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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