Pretty Bikes to Ride in Style


Pretty Bikes to Ride in Style

Dear Bike Pretty,

I noticed the pink bike has the Bike Pretty logo. Do you sell bikes? I am looking for one like the pale yellow or the pink one in your photos.



Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for reaching out! Unfortunately, we do not sell bikes and the bike in the photo here is no longer available. We do however have a few stickers with our logo on them. Let me know if you want me to throw them in with your next order.

With so many of our normal routines in upheaval, a true bright spot of 2020 has been seeing people turn to riding bikes as a way to find moments of joy. These happiness machines are helping us find new ways to catch up with friends, explore our own neighborhoods, and introduce gentle activity into our daily routines.

But if you haven’t ridden a bike in years, where do you start?

Here are my top picks for pretty bikes to ride in style:

Studio 3 V3 bicycle with basket from Martone Cycling

Studio 3 V3 bicycle with basket from Martone Cycling  $1,020.00  $895.00

Martone bikes are fashion-forward and design-driven. The vibrant color, beautifully architected frame, and the signature red chain make these bikes easily stand out from the crowd. Our bikes have been featured in films, used on runways and chosen by countless stylists and celebrities for their enduring style.



“Overall I am so happy with my Bluejay! I had literally spent two years looking for the right eBike—a cute, mom-friendly step thru with the requisite accessories, but also the build to handle hills, carry a toddler, and even hit the gravel path. I’m happy to report that the Bluejay has delivered on all these fronts. Customer service has also been 5-stars, with attention to detail and customer delight. I have had my bike now for two weeks and am really looking forward to many summers with it.” – Elizabeth K.

Electra Loft 7D Step-Thru

Electra Loft 7D Step-Thru $539.99

“Love this bike! I'm new to cycling and this is the perfect bike for someone starting out. It's comfortable to ride and very light. Maybe it's because I'm new to riding, but the positioning of the handle bars takes getting used to. I find that after a while, my wrists start to become sore because of the angle of the handle bars. Hopefully it gets better with time. Otherwise, no complaints on this bike. Have ridden it on a trail (gravel) and on the road. Great looking bike and great ride!” – Kathleen

Ariel Rider C-Class Electric Commuter Bike

Ariel Rider C-Class Electric Commuter Bike $1,799.00

This is my first ebike I was not sure what to get after a friend told me what to look for i bought the class c commuter. He owned a fat tire ebike and payed way more for a lesser bike I am so happy with this bike I am a 60 year old and with knee problems I never thought I would ride again thank you Ariel way to go what a great bike.” – Michael C.

Public Bikes PUBLIC C7

Public Bikes PUBLIC C7 $599.99 Estimated restock mid October

“My daughter loves her new Public bike. Very easy to ride and a really pretty bike. We paid the extra $99 to have the bike assembled. All we had to do is put the handlebars, adjust the height on the bike seat, add reflectors and pedals and the bike was complete! Super easy, Now I am thinking about buying a bike for me too! It is a beautiful boke and a very nice ride. Highly recommend Public bikes.” – Amy S.

Electra Townie Go! 8i Step-Thru

Electra Townie Go! 8i Step-Thru $2,599.99

This bike is perfect for me. As a 65-year-old woman who has not ridden a bike in years, I feel like a kid again! I'm getting great exercise around the hilly area in which I live. It flattens the hills and makes a lovely breeze.” – Ama



In true British fashion, the Britannia is suited to all sorts of weather, with the chainguard and mudguards keeping you clean and looking your best, whilst the reliable hub brakes and gears are effective no matter what the conditions. Based upon the model we have produced from our very earliest days in the 1920s, the curved frame is coupled with a classic sweeping handlebar to give you an elegant upright seated position that lets you glide along through the countryside in comfort. 


Detroit Bikes FAYGO© (LIMITED EDITION) $749 

“Great company, proud to own one of their bikes to ride and add to my collection of over 18 bikes. All my experiences with the company have been just great.” – Art

 Priority Bicycles PRIORITY COAST in Champagne

Priority Bicycles PRIORITY COAST in Champagne $499.00 Ships October 31st 2020

“We purchased two Coast bikes, one with a basket. During this pandemic we’ve had the opportunity to get more use of them. They ride exceptionally well and are lightweight. I worry about riding on the bike paths with cars flying by so we recently ordered mirrors for them. Customer service is second to none! That is as important to me as a quality bike. We are fortunate to have found Priority bicycles. We are very happy customers!” – Kelly

Blix Bikes Vika+ Utility-friendly Electric Folding Bike

Blix Bikes Vika+ Utility-friendly Electric Folding Bike $1,599 Backorder available for August delivery.

“A second Vika+ in the family. I loved my Vika+ so much that I bought one for my wife. We love riding around in the evenings” – Margaret G.


I’m not afraid to say it: I consider riding a bike to be an aesthetic experience. You might even consider me a sensualist. Of course you don’t need to have the prettiest bike to enjoy a ride, but if you’re going to buy a new one anyway, get a bike that is both easy on the knees and easy on the eyes.

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