Straw Hat Bike Helmet Unboxing

What to do when your Straw Hat Bike Helmet arrives.

The cover and helmet are packed separately. Installation is easy! Watch the video to see my best tips for installing and smoothing the cover so that you will achieve the best look. If you are interested in purchasing a pre-installed helmet + cover combo, please send me a message through our contact form so that we can discuss rates and processing time.

Make sure you know how to properly install your Straw Hat Cover on a Thousand Helmet. 

1. Place the helmet on your head

2. Pinch the free edge of the elastic cuff of the cover between thumb and fingers

3. Slide the cover over the helmet until it is mostly installed

4. Remove the now combined helmet + cover and refine the placement of the cuff.

IMPORTANT: Overlap the elastic cuff of the cover ONLY on the helmet edge at the sides and back, Where the cover meets the brim, simply tuck the elastic cuff into the cover. 

This photo shows correct placement.

Bike Pretty Straw Hat Cover installed on a Thousand Heritage Helmet

Q: My brim is wrinkled. What should I do?

The material of the Straw Hat Helmet Cover is very similar to rayon fabric. Much like an article of clothing, water and gentle pressure can be used to smooth and reshape the hat.

I recommend that you:

  1. install the cover on the helmet 
  2. get the brim quite wet with a spray bottle containing clean water
  3. lay the brim flat on a table
  4. gently smooth any wrinkles with your hands
  5. let the cover air dry overnight

While the hat is wet, avoid using anything abrasive as it could result in scuffs or damage.

If the above steps do not remove the wrinkles, you can also iron the brim using the "Rayon/Silk" setting and a wet press cloth. Let the hat cool completely before moving it from the pressing surface.

Q: The crown of my hat does not fit nicely to the helmet. What should I do?

Sometimes the hats will fit a bit loosely over the top of the helmet, especially if it is the first wear. To resolve this we recommend you take these steps:

  1. Install the cover on the helmet
  2. Get the crown quite wet with a spray bottle containing clean water or vodka (seriously! Vodka will dry faster than water)
  3. gently smooth any wrinkles with your hands
  4. let the cover air dry overnight

The cover should fit much better over the top of the helmet after it dries.

Is the Straw Hat Bike Helmet ‘packable’? How should I transport the Straw Hat Bike Helmet Cover Only?

The key to packing the Straw Hat Bike Helmet Cover Only is to keep the brim flat and to compress the crown. That's why we ship it in a "pizza box" which ensures that the brim stays flat during shipping. If you would like to pack the Straw Hat Bike Helmet Cover only for your upcoming adventure I suggest using this same principle of compressing the crown but keeping the brim flat. To refresh your cover once you reach your destination, simply follow the steps above and with a little water and dying time, your cover will be looking its best.

Have another question? Please fill out our contact form here and I will get back to you! 


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