Straw Hat Bike Helmet - Bougainvillea Red

Size Guide

Introducing Bougainvillea Red 🌹

  • Meet Bougainvillea Red, the latest in Straw Hat Bike Helmets

  • Unveiling a bold splash of red for the first time

  • Amp up your helmet style with this newest addition

Style & Function

  • Meticulously crafted for those seeking the perfect blend of style and function

  • Limited-edition cover designed to make a bold statement

  • Picture yourself cruising in the vibrant Bougainvillea Red

  • It's not just a cover; it's a mood-setting accessory

Limited Edition

  • The last inventory drop sold out in less than 24 hours

  • Only a few of these new covers are available, making it a collector's must-have

  • Limited availability

A collage of photos showing a red Straw Hat Bicycle Helmet, bougainvillea flowers and a white bicycle against a red wall.

Interchangeable Covers

  • Hat-style helmets and covers offer freedom for effortless style changes

  • Easily swap out covers to match your vibe, outfit, or occasion

  • The Straw Hat Bike Helmet Cover collection serves as your personal palette

  • Bougainvillea Red: the fresh hue you've been waiting for

A collage of photos showing a close up of a red Straw Hat Bicycle Helmet, bougainvillea flowers, and a red bicycle against a beige wall, and another photo of a different red bicycle in front of a brown wall.


  • Don't miss out on this first-of-its-kind addition to your collection

  • It's more than a helmet cover; it's a red-hot symbol of your style evolution

  • Upgrade your ride with the distinctive Bougainvillea Red cover

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