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What's Inside:

One YAKKAY Helmet cover valued at $89

Photos are of a sample cover package. Your cover will vary.

YAKKAY helmet covers are specifically made to fit YAKKAY helmets. Make sure that your cover size matches the size of your helmet. I do not recommend trying the YAKKAY Mystery Covers on any other helmet brands.


Q: Will this cover fit on a Thousand Helmet?
A: Probably not. If you would like to wear a cover over a Thousand Helmet, click here for more details. 

Q: Can I return or exchange a Mystery Cover package?
A: No, Mystery Cover Packages are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Final sale only. If you want to trade your cover with another customer, join the Bike Pretty Facebook Group 

Items in the Mystery Cover Package are from the YAKKAY archives and the current collection. These items may or may not be on my website.

Due to the nature of Mystery Cover Packages, I can not guarantee exactly what is in your package. Think of it as a grab bag! The Mystery Cover package is perfect for the person who is flexible in what they will receive. 

The photos and videos of the contents of the Mystery Cover Packages are only examples. Your package will vary. Each box is hand packed by Melissa and chosen at random for your order. 

Because of the big discount Mystery Cover Packages are non-refundable. 

Mystery Cover Packages are prepacked and ready to ship. 

Don't miss your chance to get your hands on one of them! The packages may contain the following products:

  • Tokyo Blue Tech

  • Paris Tartan

  • Luzern Faux Fur

The contents of each package is random and the covers cannot be changed or exchanged.

Anticipation and surprise guaranteed!

Get a sneak peek here:

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