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Bike Pretty Line Sheet

Bestseller: The Straw Hat Bike Helmet - Classic

Straw Hat Bike Helmet - Classic

New in 2022: The Straw Hat Bike Helmet - Ivory

Straw Hat Bike Helmet - Ivory

Classic with a Twist: The Straw Hat Bike Helmet - Shibori Blue

Straw Hat Bike Helmet - Shibori Blue

Best of Bike Fashion: Bamboo Bicycle Basket

Bike Pretty Bamboo Bike Bag



How does the Straw Hat Cover look on different helmets? 

If you carry helmet brands like Thousand, Nutcase, Bern, or Sawako Furono, the Straw Hat Bike Helmet Cover Only can be included with your assortment for more mix and match options.

Learn more about cover and helmet compatibility here: Will the Straw Hat Cover Fit My Helmet?

Not set up as a reseller with Bike Pretty yet? No worries! Just send an email to with the word wholesale and I will start the process. I look forward to hearing from you!


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