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Hey, I'm feeling really good about this week's must read links. Lots of style conundrums to ponder over the pretty, bikepretty, pretty bike, cycle style, fashion bike, bike chic, bike style, cycle chic, bike fashion, san francisco

︎ I thought that we had already been through this last year. But recently tons of people started e-mailing me about the so-called Invisible Helmet. Like, I got a flood of links last week. Since I can't ignore it, here's why the Invisible Bike Helmet isn't God's gift to cycle chic. Via Brooklyn Spoke

The Trouble with Second-Hand Clothes. As in the ecological and socio-economic Trouble-with-a-capitol-T. Via Business of Fashion

︎ Helmet hair. It's a real problem. Don't become a statistic. Take matters into your own hands and check out 6 Hairstyles To Wear Under Your Bike Helmet. Via Eleanor's

︎ The outrage expressed in this article makes me giggle. The band Arcade Fire wants people to dress up all fancy when attending their shows and the writer is having none of it. None. Of. It! Guess whose side I'm on? Via Slate

︎ Must watch: This. This is what it's like to get dressed in the morning. (Possibly NSFW) It's not that I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I'm actually asking myself, "Who do I want to be today?" Via Vimeo

︎ Department of TMI: Some advice for women, specifically how to pee in the great outdoors when you're wearing a lycra cycling costume. (You know, biking in a skirt would make answering the call of nature so much easier. Just sayin') Via Marijn Fietst Blog

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