Bike In A Skirt: What To Wear Under There


Let me apologize. I may have flashed you at some point.

I didn’t mean to. Honestly, all I was trying to do was stop by Sephora on my way home from the office.

You see, I dress for my destination. I don’t alter my outfit just because I’m riding a bike. If I want to wear a dress with an A-line skirt (like this one), I wear it. Since I am appropriately dressed for 99.9% of the moments in that day, I just round up.

But my bike’s not a step-through. (I would love to own one but I don’t have the storage space.) So there are these awkward moments when I swing my leg over my top tube, right before I get on the saddle and pedal away.

Let me be clear, I’m not trying to flash you. I take precautions. Like when I'm getting on, I’ll lean my bike towards me so that I don’t have to lift my leg as high. But stray breezes happen. A skirt can have a mind of its own.

So when I’m riding a bike and wearing a skirt or dress – i.e. most days – I rely on my trusty Dignity Protectors.

Here are three options for dignity protectors to wear when you bike in a skirt:

1. Spankie Low Rise Padded Bike Short


I hate the dorky length of most bike shorts. The Low-Rise Spankie solves this with a minimal three inch inseam. It’s still gives plenty of butt-cheek coverage (and I have plenty of butt-cheek) but it doesn’t show under short skirts. The padding is great if you’re a new rider, or if you’re going far. I also wear them for spin class, but the crotch pillow is overkill for my daily riding. Fortunately, they also come without padding. Pro tip: padded shorts are best worn without panties.

2. American Apparel Mesh Bloomer 


Bring back the bloomer! I wear these lace-trimmed shorts the most. The mesh is thin and breathable. And it’s really comfy to have a dignity protector that is loose-fitting. Like magic, these don’t add any bulk to your silhouette.

Wear them under a skirt and over your undies. The lace trim is so cute that you won’t mind it peeking out. Beige is great for wearing with light-colored sundresses. If you like an even frillier look and don't mind the poofiness, try these Rhumba Dance Bloomers. They come in lots of fun colors!

3. Shapewear Leggings

When I search for new dignity protector styles, I try to think outside the box. Shapewear and inexpensive stretch pants open up a lot of possibilities. Like these nylon/spandex leggings. The smooth fabric lets skirts slide freely.

And finally, I don’t give a flying carbon fork about what you choose to wear under your skirt. If you want to bare it all, go for it. But if you’re not riding because you’re worried about a wardrobe malfunction, try picking out a pair of dignity protectors and enjoy the sweet freedom of riding a bike.

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