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I've been working on some new Bike Pretty gear. The first is a wallet, made in the same silver-metallic leather as the trim on the Bike Pretty Satchel. In fact, every time I make a satchel, I also make a wallet. It's a chance to play around with the materials and try out new combinations. I love the all-silver exterior. It's like party on the outside, money on the inside.Bike Pretty GearBut what I'm really excited about is the leather covered chain lock. Heavy-duty chain bike locks like these are great for securing quick-release wheels to posts. And in a pinch, you can even lock two bikes together. Like when your weight weenie friend "forgets" their bike lock at home

A bike lock is a must-have accessory that I use every damn day. And most are ugly. Hideous really. Which is understandable, since these locks weren't designed for looks. So when the nylon cover on my Abus Catena Lock became unbearably scuffed and frayed, I made my own cover from the same cowhide as the Bike Pretty Satchel.

I love how the lock and wallet turned out. Can't wait to add them to my Etsy shop. Coming soon!

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