Bike to Work Uniform for San Francisco's Constant & Unchanging Slightly Chilly Weather


I'm heading out of the city this weekend and I'm most excited about the chance to bare my shoulders to the warm sun, in PORTLAND of all places. Here in San Francisco, it's a nearly constant 63° F year round. Thus I've managed to perfect my cycle chic uniform that gets me to work, on a bike and in style.

Bike to Work Uniform Bike to Work Uniform

I like to think that the gold biker cyclist jacket makes me eye-catchingly shiny to motorists, but really it just looks cool. Skinny jeans are not chosen for any 'hipness' factor however, they just save me the trouble of rolling up my trousers.

And if you look closely, you'll note the bamboo bike in the background. This one is by Calfee, but I made my own, with a boot friendly, greaseless carbon belt drive at San Francisco's Bamboo Bike Studio.

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