Cycle Chic Saturday - Cora in Vancouver


Yes, yes, yes. All of us in the bike fashion realm acknowledge and appreciate the O. G. style blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic™. At its heyday in 2008, it was the best source for celebrating biking in high heels. It was so successful that versions for other cities were spun out. (Sacramento Cycle Chic, anyone?) By 2010, it seemed that the Cycle Chic™ brand had taken over the world.

But just two years later (I started Bike Pretty in 2012), most of those satellite sites were mouldering in the back of the Internet's cupboard.  Mikael Colville-Andersen, the man behind the manifesto, was better known as an anti-helmet provocateur and sexist blowhard. Also, the original site seemed stuck in Web 1.0.

Just sayin', guys. Love you, love the photos!

Fortunately, the geniuses at Vancouver Cycle Chic have not spent the past four years lounging on their trademarked laurels. In addition to running a very beautiful street style blog, they have produced a series of mini-films about their hometown. Each short is a video portrait of a stylish Vancouverite and also a love letter to the city itself.

This one tells the story of Cora, a Hong Kong based expat, and her homecoming.

Meet Cora on Twitter @coramau
Director - DAVID PHU 
Producer - CHRIS BRUNTLETT (@modacitylife)
Director of Photography - CHRISTOPH PREVOST (
Sound & Video Editor - TODD LEBLANC (
Music Composer - MICHAEL CHAMPION (
Stills - TY BADALI
Special Thanks - Stephen Mancer, Stephanie Orford
Motion Graphic - Jordan Choo

Copyright 2014 Vancouver Cycle Chic

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