Easter Bonnet Contest Winner!

Easter Bonnet Contest Winner Announcement

The Winner of the Straw Hat Bike Helmet Easter Bonnet Contest!

Congratulations to Sheryl!

Ah, the winning entry of the Straw Hat Bike Helmet Easter Bonnet decorating contest is truly a sight to behold, evoking the glamour and whimsy of a bygone era. The classic tan straw hat, with its elegant and timeless silhouette, is adorned with a delightful array of playful and colorful decorations.

Sheryl's winning entry to the Easter Bonnet Contest

A jaunty hat band and bow, made from gold-trimmed ribbon and featuring a cheerful "Happy Easter" message, add a festive touch to the ensemble. Meanwhile, a garland of orange carrots, fashioned from twine and raffia, winds its way around the brim of the hat, imbuing it with a rustic charm.

But perhaps the sweetest of delights in this stunning creation are the charming bunny-shaped peep marshmallows, arranged in a delightful pattern atop the hat in shades of brown, white, pink, and yellow. These whimsical details lend a playful air to the ensemble and make it the perfect accessory for any Easter occasion.

Overall, this winning entry captures the spirit of Bike Pretty and Easter with its timeless elegance and whimsical details, making it a true delight for all who behold it. Many congratulations to Sheryl, the millinery wizard who whipped this up this winning confection.

I look forward to seeing more of your creations!


  • Posted on by Bike Pretty

    While the brim of the Straw Hat Bike Helmet cover is 3 inches wide, if you take into account the width of the underlying helmet, the distance from skull to brim edge is up to the dermatologist recommended 4 inches. It’s 100% fine for the Straw Hat Helmet Cover to get wet.

    But it sounds like you would prefer a different style and fabrication than what I make. I am thrilled to recommend Da Brim (https://dabrim.com/). They make a very sturdy helmet visor that has a very high UPF and is made from a water-resistant, performance material.

  • Posted on by Lynne
    Please make a Wider brim hat 4+ inches for TRUE SPF UV protection! And instead of staw that is NOT waterproof and NOT UV SUN PROOF, look for inspiration on sites that sell UV HATS that are nylon and WATERPROOF FOR RAIN to use also

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