Fashion Math: BikePretty deciphers the formula for Hi-Viz style on your bike


Here at BikePretty HQ, we take fashion safety seriously. Now that we’ve all quit Daylight Savings Time cold turkey, slapping on some hi-viz kit is a necessary evil great way to get the attention you deserve during your commute home.

"What if I look like a huge dork?" you may be asking yourself. But don’t worry! Just take a page from the workbook of the lovely ladies of Stylesight, a trend forecasting agency that is used by fashion companies all over the world: meaning these are literally the trendiest people on the planet.

The equation is pretty simple: avoid unsightly clashing and wear a pair of classic black trousers to complement the blinding fluorescent yellow and silver of a safety vest. Now that you’ve grabbed their attention, get them to admire your sun-deprived complexion by setting it off with dark, glossy locks and a captivating red lip. Just find three friends and repeat the look for each of them. Easy.

Many thanks to Kelly and her crew of cutie commuters at Stylesight London for sending in these great shots!

Note: Sadly, Kelly’s gorgeous yellow bike was stolen last week. She tells me that she has since acquired a new frame to build out, but in the meantime her hunky French boyfriend Seb is giving her rides to work on their tandem. Awww!

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