Future Luxe: Cool Bike Helmets for Winter


Holy crap, fashion magazines have a lot of style inspiration in them. Unfortunately, the good stuff is all spaced out over multiple publications and cluttered up with stuff like "words" and "advertisements". Fortunately for you, I consumed several thousand recent issues of style tomes, domestic and international, and hand-culled relevant images forming them into trend collages. I got the digital paper cuts. Now you don't have to. You're welcome.

There's a clear trend for dressing like a high-tech space princess. To help you make the most of it, I used  specialized image recognition software to select a generous handful of cool bike helmets to suit your bike fashion needs.

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1. Yakkay Helmet Luzern Faux Fur

Be Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago on a motherf***ing bike and wear the furriest headgear you can find. It's cold out there, but it's nowhere near as cold as the windswept Russian snowfields. Of your heart. Also comes in black (the helmet AND your heart).

2. Nutcase Silver Sparkle Bike Helmet

This is the silver sibling of Nutcase's best-selling Gold-Sparkly lid. Close up, the satin-finish base has an all-over iridescent glitter effect, as if you jet-packed through a cloud of moon dust.


3. Nutcase Removable Ear Pads

Outer space is really freaking cold. If you choose a Nutcase helmet, add these ear protectors to keep you toasty while zipping through the cosmos. Once the axis of the Earth shifts back towards the sun, stow them away and enjoy the breeze.


4. Bern Muse Helmet with Black Fleece

A dome-style helmet with a built-in visor, like this number from Bern, is the classic shape for stylish commuters, male & female. The high-gloss black finish looks ultra-sleek, and the included removable fleece liner renders it suitable for all-seasons.

5. Lazer Street Checkered Helmet

Checkerboard patterns hit the scene in Marc Jacobs' Spring 2013 collection for Louis Vuitton, but this trend isn't going anywhere in 2014. Lazer deftly blends high-fashion and street style in this cool black & white lid.

  belle-helmets-hypercubesblack3_large belle-helmets-hypercubesblack3_large

6. Glow-in-the-dark Belle Helmet

Independent helmet artiste Danielle Baskin has been expanding her line of hand-painted and hand-finished helmets. Here she uses phosphorescent paint to modernist effect on this matte black Hypercubes design.


7. Lazer Street Deluxe Chrome Helmet

Last but not least, this skate-inspired street helmet sports a mirror-like chrome finish that will get you noticed. Mostly because people love looking at themselves in the mirror. Oooooh shiny!

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