London Tweed Run Most Dashing Dame London Tweed Run Most Dashing Dame

As we've pointed out before, the London Tweed Run is just chock-full of style champs. ...but there can only be one winner.


Cue Adriana here, packing a powerful monochromatic punch in primary yellows and reds.


Just what is it that won her that coveted Most Dashing Dame award?  Is it her timely donning of refreshingly summer-y tweed?


...her graceful modeling of hosiery, gifted* to all participants by Tweed Run sponsor London Sock Company?


Maybe it's the fact that she matched her pair, in the delightfully-named hue of East India Saffron, to her millinery trim.


...and lest we forget, to her translucent frames.


Whatever the catalyst, Adriana's look made for a striking ensemble on the streets of London.


Amidst a sea of browns and olive greens, her cheery yellows, deft combination of textures, and tertiary-hued accessories really brought a lively dose of style to the 2014 edition.

Before you plan your 2015 outfit, remember Adriana, as well as last year's winner: unexpected colors always take first prize.

*(Ed. note: yeah, the schwag can be that good.  The fruits of my goody bag skewed pink.)

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