• Start the Summer With Our Special Discounts

    Start the Summer With Our Special Discounts

    We are kicking off the weekend with Memorial Day Discounts. Start your Summer in style. Get fantastic deals on Bike Pretty bags and shirts. And because you deserve a bike as fashionable as you are, we are offering $200 off all Pashley Bikes.
  • Leather Bike Collection by Coco Republic

    Leather Bike Collection by Coco Republic

    A serendipitous Instagram hashtag led me to a mysterious post showing the prettiest bike I think I've ever seen. But it took some more internet-sleuthing to trace this stunning leather bike collection by Australia's Coco Republic. Of course, Coco Republic is not a bicycle manufacturer. (In general, the bike industry is heavily influenced by road cycling and mountain biking. Everyday transportation biking is often...
  • Beautiful City Bikes by Papillionaire

    Beautiful City Bikes by Papillionaire

    photos via Papillionaire Bicycles I'm finding more and more options for stylish city bikes. Recently, I came across Papillionaire Bicycles. Comfortable and easy to maneuver through narrow streets, these are great bikes for people who are just starting to live the cycle chic Bike Pretty lifestyle. Based in Australia,Papillionaire–rhymes with millionaire–Bicycles recently opened an outpost in Brooklyn. Now they can ship their gorgeous step-throughs...
  • DIY: Your Own Flat Pack Wood Bike

    DIY: Your Own Flat Pack Wood Bike

    Dutch Design: A Flat Pack Wood Bike Would you ride a wood bike? I would. (Technically, I made my favorite bike out of grass.) The plywood Sandwichbike began seven years ago as a concept bike by Bleiijh, a Dutch design studio. Yes, the Internetz are littered with the brittle bones of cool-looking concept bikes that never saw the light of production. However, according to Coolhunting, the Sandwichbike is now available for pre-order...
  • Flower Delivery by Bike

    Flower Delivery by Bike

    Bloom That: Flower Delivery by Bike in San Francisco   A flower delivery service by bicycle? How bikepretty can you be? Bloom That is like Rewinery, but for flowers. [Rewinery is the most amazing thing to ever happen. -ed.] They choose one arrangement per day and deliver it anywhere in San Francisco. For only $45. In honor of Valentine's Day, they are offering a traditional...
  • An Italian company that actually makes beautiful leather bags for your bicycle

    An Italian company that actually makes beautiful leather bags for your bicycle

    Fun fact: I lived in Italy for three and a half years. The first two I spent in Fashion School and for my last year and a half I worked as an assistant designer for a luxury handbag company. No, not this one or this one. This one. Don't laugh: those are some of my designs in that horrible flash slide show. Speaking of...
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