• SF Tweed Best Dressed Couple: Kelly and Christian

    SF Tweed Best Dressed Couple: Kelly and Christian

    So we didn't exactly plan to award a prize for Best Dressed Couple at the most recent San Francisco Tweed Ride. But when Kelly Morgen and Christian Utzman showed up in their coordinating red, white and navy blue ensemble, ride organizer Charlie Flaherty immediately saw the potential and pronounced them winners, practically on the spot. And, like, duuuuuuh! Christian is one of the best dressed riders...
  • Bike Fashion: Party Pics From SFBC's Winterfest

    Bike Fashion: Party Pics From SFBC's Winterfest

    What happens when you get a bunch of bike nerds to clean up for a swanky party? Turns out, they clean up good! San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's Winterfest, an annual fundraiser for the non-profit, is kinda like Bike Prom for local bike advocates. It's the same people you see all the time, except dressed to impress. Mikaela Carolyn of San Francisco Bike Party with Mary...
  • Mailbag: 7 Reasons To Love San Francisco

    Mailbag: 7 Reasons To Love San Francisco

    bike pretty, bikepretty, pretty bike, girls on bikes, cycle style, fashion bike, bike fashion, bike chic, bike style, girl on bike, cycle chic, 7 reasons to love san francisco, love san francisco, hawk hill, golden gate bridge, bike golden gate bridge, marin, skyline, city Hi Melissa, There have been so many occasions where I have had to explain that bicycle fashion is more than...
  • Weekend Playlist - DJ Bike Pretty Spins For You

    I've been working on this weekend playlist for ages. And it shows. And you can hear it. This set is guaranteed to get the party going. Don't believe me? Go ahead and put it on. Just know that you've been warned. Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any saddle discomfort after you've danced your ass off. [spotifyplaybutton play="http://open.spotify.com/user/bikepretty/playlist/6QupgJoupy4kxdMqbycS6z" size="400" sizetype="width" theme="white"] I made the first version...
  • Bike Party

    Bike Party

    Ocean Beach was the first stop of SF Bike Party on July 6, 2012. a Rafflecopter giveaway
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