Bike Fashion: Party Pics From SFBC's Winterfest


What happens when you get a bunch of bike nerds to clean up for a swanky party? Turns out, they clean up good! San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's Winterfest, an annual fundraiser for the non-profit, is kinda like Bike Prom for local bike advocates. It's the same people you see all the time, except dressed to impress. Bike Fashion: Mikaela of SF Bike Party and Mary Kay of SF Yellow Bike

Mikaela Carolyn of San Francisco Bike Party with Mary Kay Chin of San Francisco Yellow Bike Project and SFBC

As a regular dress-to-impresser, I get a thrill seeing my bike buddies trade the hi-viz for some high(er) fashion. So I rented a fancy flash for my DSLR and did my best Bill Cunningham impression.

Bike Fashion at Winterfest: Bekki and Frank of San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

SFBC Volunteer Bekki with Frank Chan, Operations Director at SFBC

These are a few of my favorite moments from Winterfest, but I didn't have space for all of them. Check out the rest of my party pics on the Bike Pretty Facebook page.

Bike Fashion: SFBC Staff Members Eric Turvel, Margaret McCarthy, Bonnie Walton

l-to-r: Eric Tuvel, Program and Design Manager; Margaret McCarthy, Volunteer Coordinator; Bonnie Walton, Event Planner

Bike Pretty: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's Winterfest 2013

The dancefloor was totally cray. Bike nerds know how to shake it.

Bike Pretty: SFBC Executive Director Leah Shahum and Miles Epstein

Leah Shahum, Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and Miles Epstein

Bike Pretty, Bike Fashion: Cute outfits of SFBC Winterfest Volunteers

Winterfest Volunteers David Ginsburg and Caroline Kessler. Clearly David is a pattern mix-master.

Bike Pretty: Winterfest 2013 Bike Raffle

The amazing prizes of the Winterfest Bike Raffle

Bike Pretty: Cute Bike Fashion from SFBC's Winterfest 2013

Winterfest Volunteers John Collins and Kristin Polock. Too. Effing. Adorable. I'm dying for her peacock and rose print frock.

Bike Fashion: Menswear at the SFBC Winterfest 2013

Cute couple alert: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition members Charles Morgan and Mauricio Albrizzio

Bike Pretty: Winterfest 2013 Bicycle Art Auction

 San Francisco and bicycle-themed art up for silent auction

Bike Fashion: Joanna, a new member of the SF Bike Coaltion

Joanna, a new member of the SFBC. She was inspired to join after living (and biking) in Berlin.

Bike Fashion: Madeleine Savit of Folks for Polk

Madeleine Savit of Folks for Polk is black and white and red all over.

Bike Fashion: Molly Bacon of 2 Wheels 2 Feet Blog

Molly Bacon of 2 Wheels 2 Feet, a bicycle street style blog.

See the rest of my party photos here.

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