• Gatsby Bike Style: A Vintage Picnic

    Gatsby Bike Style: A Vintage Picnic

    The Gatsby Summer Afternoon, one of the most beautiful Bay Area events of the year, is coming up on September 11. Last year was my second time attending the reenactment event and I was honored to have the incredibly fabulous Tziporah Salamon as my date!  Attending the Gatsby, as it is affectionately known, is like stepping into a vintage postcard...
  • Tweed Run 2015: Belles on Bikes

    Tweed Run 2015: Belles on Bikes

    There was a lot to like about this year's edition of the London Tweed Run: legs, babes, bright shiny sun all day. And bikes. (Of course). E.g. the usual suspects (except perhaps that sunshine part). The weather was glorious and the outfits too, with ladies taking a bit of liberty with the theme to yield a pretty pick 'n' mix of inspiring bike fashion for Spring. Here is an...
  • Be Inspired: The Béret Baguette Ride

    Be Inspired: The Béret Baguette Ride

    The Béret Baguette is an extremely picturesque bicycle ride that takes place in Paris every summer. Think of it as the French answer to the Tweed Run. Recently the ride has exploded in popularity. In 2013 there were over 1000 cyclists and 2014 saw even more. (Not that there was an official count. Who can be bothered when there is delicious wine and cheese to consume?)
  • Save the Date: London Tweed Run 2015

    Save the Date: London Tweed Run 2015

    Tickets may have sold out in a matter of minutes, but you can still mark your calendars for the London Tweed Run 2015 on Saturday the 18th of April. This is the day that tweed tartan spats may show up in your Instagram feed. You won't want to miss it!
  • Au Revoir, Anjou Vélo Vintage

    Au Revoir, Anjou Vélo Vintage

    Bike-heartbreak.  It's a real thing.  No, we're not talking about that perfect retro Mercian that slipped through our virtual fingers on eBay.  Nor the family heirloom that was stolen on the streets of London (though that one hurt - a lot. Until I got it back.)  We're talking about the immensely sad news that France's most spectacular cycling event is no longer.
  • San Francisco Tweed Ride Autumn 2014

    San Francisco Tweed Ride Autumn 2014

    Put on your most dapper tweed, grab a bicycle, and join the merriment at this one-of-a-kind bicycle event. The San Francisco Tweed Ride rolls again! The ride is fun and safe with stops to socialize along the way. We follow a planned route and endeavor to be courteous to our more pedestrian fellows. Of utmost importance is to spread the good cheer of the Tweed Ride. Tell your friends and...
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