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I love any excuse to throw on a fun dress and go for a bike ride! Even an afternoon trip to the playground will have me romping about in my favorite frock. 

Although sometimes I surprise myself with just how far I am willing to carry a theme. In this case, I've subconsciously taken a cue from the cherry blossom panniers on my bicycle and reinterpreted them as a red and black cherry print dress.

For some articles of clothing, I know exactly how they will reinvigorate my wardrobe. With this dress I brought it home with no such plan. Flattering fit: check. Cute, colorful print: check. Pockets: double check. But I can't say I had any idea just how to wear it. 

Fortunately, life encouraged me to get real. With a small business to run and a baby to take care, I was swiftly cured of the illusion that the perfect occasion would ever come up. Perfection is overrated anyway.


Bernadette wilkerson:

You look very cute. I admire you for showing your own style. The baby is cute as well

Dec 06, 2017

Bike Pretty:

Thank you, Thea! I wear this outfit all. the. time. It’s kinda funny when I look through my photos, almost like I never change clothes :D

Dec 05, 2017


I love your whole outfit! I would so wear that!


Thea Beck

Dec 05, 2017

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