• Kelly Style: A Fifties Romper Gets A Cycling Update

    Kelly Style: A Fifties Romper Gets A Cycling Update

    Kelly's Cycle-in-Style Summer tip no. 1: "Layer a 50s/60s-era beach romper over padded bike shorts for a long-ride look that's both quirky and practical. I love me a good vintage romper. Felt like a genius when I realized it was perfect for cycling. They're actually more useful for that, as you and I both know how much I go to the beach (um never)...
  • Biking in Napa

    Biking in Napa

      I've never seen my friend Lauren on a bike here in San Francisco, but she went to Napa last weekend and sent me this gorgeous snapshot. Thanks for the sweet photo, Lauren. You look amazing!
  • After the Tweed Ride

    After the Tweed Ride

    I'd like to say that I dressed up specially for the San Francisco Tweed Ride we'd just been on, but actually I dress like this all the time. I'm posing in front of my prettiest bike: a belt-drive bamboo beauty that I made at the Bamboo Bike Studio in San Francisco. The mural was on the side of the Sycamore, but it has since been painted...
  • This bike is pretty: Neon

    This bike is pretty: Neon

    A gorgeous job decorating a bike with neon tape. Functionally fun. I saw this pretty bike outside of Cell Space on Harrison St. in the Mission.
  • Bike Party

    Bike Party

    Ocean Beach was the first stop of SF Bike Party on July 6, 2012. a Rafflecopter giveaway
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