28 Ways to Wear a Straw Hat


Whether you take your style cues from the very latest Fashion Week street style or black and white movies, the appeal of the classic wide-brimmed straw hat is undeniable. And because we could all use a little style inspiration for how to wear this essential summer accessory, here are 28 ways to wear a straw hat.

With a vintage Dress

Keep the romance alive by pairing your wide-brimmed topper with a full-skirted frock. A knee-length dress minimizes the guess work of pairing a top with a skirt. It's an instant outfit. Just add a cute pair of sandals and you're all set.

Via Justified Image Grid

via Delightful Cycles, original source unknown!

Me at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

Me at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

With stripes of all sizes

From thick to thin, stripes are the top choice. That's not my opinion, it's statistical fact based on hours of internet research (i.e. surfing Pinterest). While this look isn't exactly pushing the envelope style-wise, it's effortless appeal is undeniable. 

via alaLadyWolf

Sophie Assa via Cargo Collective

via Shabby Apple

Skirt available at PureLove

Our very own Straw Hat Bike Helmet

Our very own Straw Hat Bike Helmet

With a matchy-matchy Pajama set

On the other hand, rocking a short Pajama set as street wear is such an unusual choice that I had to diligently comb through Google Image results for several examples. It's a great look that combines the comfort of a looser silhouette with the polish of coordinating items in luxe materials. Definitely my idea of a wardrobe dream team.

via Hello It's Valentine


With monochromatic restraint

While I've never met a color I didn't want to juxtapose with at least two others (as well as a print or two, more on that later), even I can appreciate the minimalist beauty of a severely limited palette.


With vintage and Really vintage

The sad truth is that we're living in a time long after the golden age of the hat's supremacy. So it's only natural that we look to the past for inspiring headgear. Get a little piece of that bygone glam by wearing a straw hat with dark denim or a skirt so short that it reveals a scandalous glimpse of ankle.

Brigitte Bardot courtesy EVERETT COLLECTION

via the Charles S. Lillybridge Collection

via the Charles S. Lillybridge Collection

via Images of Yesteryear

via Images of Yesteryear

With colorful trousers

Just as comfortable and easy to wear as jeans, but infinitely more stylish. A casual pair of pants in a bright color perk up a wardrobe basic and look easily chic when paired with a crisp white top.

With Bold Prints

Definitely a favorite! The neutral tones of the classic straw hat stand up beautifully to a dramatic print while at the same time adding a dose of refinement to the whole look.

via Bike Pretty Instagram (Follow us!)

via Bike Pretty Instagram (Follow us!)


With Neutral Separates

A palette cleanser after all those patterns, neutrals put the spotlight directly on you (and your gorgeous bike).


With powerclashing pieces

Last but not least, my very favorite styling trick: pairing prints top and bottom. (You wouldn't think I'd let neutrals have the last word, would you?) Even though this look is quite daring--especially the examples below--you can find more subtle examples from men's suits, where the layering of pinstripes, checks, and paisley is actually quite conservative.


With the myriad ways to wear a straw hat, don't you think it's time you gave this practical and stylish accessory a spin?

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