A Cute Bike Helmet DIY


Want to make your Straw Hat Bike Helmet even cuter?

Check out these adorable DIY decorations that my talented customers have sent to me through the years.

A smiling lady radiates good vibes from underneath her decorated Straw Hat Bike Helmet. Her bonnet is festooned with a garland of peeps and carrots made of yarn.
Sheryl! Winner of the Easter Bonnet Contest in 2023

A smiling woman wears a decorated straw hat covered in purple, red, and yellow blossoms.
"Went a bit overboard when decorating my bike helmet." –Bleu

Christina decorated her Straw Hat Bike Helmet with succulents and crystals
"These are a few of the living pieces I made" –Christina

Christina's succulent and crystal embellishments for the Straw Hat Bike Helmet
Another one of Christina's beautiful living arrangement of succulents and crystals on her Straw Hat Bike Helmet.

Melissa's decorated Easter Bonnet made using a Straw Hat Bike Helmet
"I was inspired to decorate my Straw Hat Bike Helmet after seeing photos of the Easter Bonnet Parade in NYC." –Melissa

Linda decorated her Classic tan Straw Hat Bike Helmet with a butterfly
"I embroidered flowers and a butterfly to enhance my helmet hat. I Have a size small Thousand helmet being used with the L medium Bike Pretty straw hat." –Linda

Plakapaint decorated her Shibori Blue Straw Hat Bike Helmet with retro-reflective ribbon
"If you didn’t spend your afternoon sewing safety reflective piping to glitter ribbon just so your bike helmet hat will be even more delightfully ridiculous, what are you even doing with your life? 🎀" –Plakapaint

Barb added a yellow sunflower to her Classic Straw Hat Bike Helmet
"Thanks for making the straw helmet. People ask me all the time where I got it. It sure makes biking fun!" –Barb

Eilidh pinned a floral corsage to her Classic Straw Hat Bike Helmet
"Riding in Vermont for “Brompton World Championships 2020” –Eilidh

More Inspiration

Colorized version of a 19th century photo of a woman with her bicycle. The woman, her hat, dress, and bicycle are all festooned with garlands of roses.
Colorized version of a 19th Century photo of a woman and her matching decorated bicycle.
An absolute unit of a decorated easter bonnet. The crown of wide brimmed straw hat is completely obscured by a tower of purple, white, and yellow flowers.
A stunning display spotted at New York City's fabulous Easter Bonnet Parade.

Here's how I decorated my own Straw Hat Bike Helmet during an Instagram Live last year.

For more inspiration check out photos of the Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival that takes place every Easter Sunday in New York City. I can't wait to see photos from this year's upcoming event. It always promises to be an explosion of creativity! 


  • Posted on by Bike Pretty

    Yes! The Straw Hat Helmet Cover can fit over certain helmets, including those for equestrians. Take a look at this blog post to see which helmets I have tried and what size cover needs to be purchased for the best fit: https://bikepretty.com/blogs/blog/will-the-straw-hat-cover-fit-my-helmet

  • Posted on by Lubin Lukes
    Will these also fit over riding helmets? I drive a pair of ponies and would love to add this to my summer wardrobe

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