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It's hard to believe that seven whole weeks have passed since the Anjou Vélo Vintage ride.  And yet. 

We've done a lot of learning since that blissful, crémant-soaked weekend in France's Loire Valley.  Despite the many distractions at hand.  

Yes, between all the #wineshopping and lazy field-of-wildflower lounging, we couldn't ignore the manifold Lessons in Bike Pretty on display at this 2014 edition. 

Take this fine garçonne here: is she not totally schooling those lycra-fied helmet-heads* in the background?  Rhetorical question.  If any good fashion revivals happened this year, it's definitely the one that brought back the high-crowned felt topper. 

The confident stride and perfect posture bring a certain ineffable quality to this striking BP-equation, too.  Stay tuned for more Gallic Swagger vis-à-vis Anjou Vélo Vintage coming soon, as we distill our many 2014 snaps into valuable Style Lessons. 

*Ed. footnote. We're totally pro-helmet-head(s). Maybe not in turquoise plastic though? Or just not this particular turquoise plastic? Yeah. 

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