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Besides being the most efficient mode of transport on the planet, the humble bicycle is also a rich source of inspiration for textile artists. Conveying feelings of freedom and a romantic reference to an elegant past, it's no wonder that there are so many beautiful bike print dresses out there. Here is our selection of the very best.

Vintage Style Blue Vintage Bicycle Penny Lover Tea Party Plus Dress by Hell Bunny

No need to bury the lede, this vintage repro dress with the pennyfarthing print is one of the very best. From the crocheted collar to the beautiful midriff yoke, the dressmaker details tell a gorgeous story. I recommend going full-on and wearing a contrasting petticoat under this dress (and over a pair of sweat-wicking bloomers) for a delightfully authentic look. Also available in straight (as in not-Plus, so Minus?) sizes.

Vintage Style Pink Vintage Bicycle Penny Lover Tea Party Dress by Hell Bunny

So nice that I had to list it twice, the pink Penny Lover Dress is just as pretty as the pale blue number above. Also available in Plus sizes. I'd love to see this one worn with a jet-black crinoline peeking out from the hem. Bargain hunters should check eBay for their size.

Bicycle Dress by Effie's Heart

I've seen this dress sell out again and again. And every time California label Effie's Heart brings it back by popular demand. Wear it as a sundress in the summer then keep the dream alive through fall and winter by wearing it as a jumper over your fleecy tights and a warm base layer. Use the Tandem NY Skirt Weight to keep the flared skirt tamed on blustery days.

Vintage Bicycle Foldover Dress by Ixia

Trust me, the photo of this dress does not do it justice. As corroborated by the Amazon reviews, Ixia makes high quality, affordable dresses in classic silhouettes and fun prints. (I have this one with a cherry print and it is one of the most flattering and easy to wear pieces in my wardrobe.) See the Vintage Bicycle Foldover Dress worn by a real (cute) human here

Brakeburn Bicycles Long Sleeve Dress from House of Fraser

A comfy long sleeve knit dress gets a style boost from the all-over step-through bicycle print. Show your bike love even when you've got nothing more strenuous planned than Sunday Brunch followed by Sunday Afternoon Nap.

Purple Bike Print Bamboo Cotton Dress by poisonpear

Made to order in Canada, this scoop neck dress gives you that dancer-off-duty look without having to devote yourself to years of study. The deep purple bamboo-cotton jersey is hand-printed with pale grey bicycles.

Grey Penny Farthing Screen printed Cotton Dress by FollyandFoible

The doll-like silhouette of this empire line dress is paired with fanciful illustrations that are straight out of a 19th century children's book of cautionary tales. The whole effect reminds me of 2013's Bicycle Commuter of the Year, Jill Quindiagan and her unapologetically feminine Lolita style

Bike and Lamp Post Cotton Poplin Dress by eShakti

In a similar style comes this deep crimson dress embroidered with a cute #solobikeparking scene. Available on eShakti, this dress can be custom fitted to your exact measurements. What's more, you can also change the neckline, hemline, and sleeve length to suit your personal style.  

'Bretta' Red Bicycle Print Tea Dress by Lindy Bop

Another vintage-inspired frock, Lindy Bop stays true to the source material with this elaborate floral and velo print and dressmaker details. So pretty! More sizes are available from a UK retailer

Black and White Bike Girl Knit Dress by FelicityHowells

As comfy as wearing a T-shirt but way more polished, this handmade, knit dress is all-over printed with what could be the Bike Pretty mascot: a cute girl riding a bike in a dress. Just the thing to wear when you want to get meta and ride a bike while wearing a dress.  

Bicycle Print Dress by FRNCH

The flattering surplice wrap and the simple black-on-white print put the spotlight on you and all your loveliness.   

Bike Print Knit Dress

I love a fit-and-flare dress, especially one that travels well. Thanks to the quick-drying and wrinkle-resisting qualities of the polyester knit fabric, this dress will always have a spot in my carry-on. Also available in red. 

Great Plains Bike Print Navy Blue Dress from eBay

Unfortunately no longer widely available, this rayon dress by UK label Great Plains still crops up on eBay from time to time. If you have the chance to grab it in your size, go for it. From the charming scoop neckline to the mid-length hem, this is a dress that will take you places. Also available in red and green.  

Vintage 1940s Bicycle Print Dress from BabeLovesJazz

While we've been admiring quite a few vintage-inspired dresses, nothing compares to the real deal. This 1940s dress is just deliciously more. More pleats, tucks, and gathers. More details in the print. True, it's more $$$ to spend, but oh, so much more to admire about a dress like this!

Vintage 1980s Phoenix Label Red Silk Travel Print Dress from WolfgangLovesMabel

No need to go all the way back to the Forties for a beautifully OTT bicycle print, this recently discounted 1980s dress has a slightly more literal (if somewhat hallucinatory) travel themed motif. While the short, tulip skirt is not ideal for riding, the addition of a pair of dignity protectors worn underneath make it work. 

Vintage 1950s L'Aiglon Bicycle Print Dress from American Archive

And last but not least, this sundress is practically perfect in every way. From the charming impressionist scene to the ruched bustling and chic black ribbon sash, this 1950s treasure is one for the ages. If you're lucky enough to fit the XS measurements, grab it! 

**This post contains Amazon affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. That said, all opinions are my own.

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