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The #MustHaveBox - 4/5 Stars 

The #MustHaveBox - 4/5 Stars 

The good news was that POPSUGAR sent me a surprise Must Have Box to review this month.  

Read my review of the June POPSUGAR Must Have Box here.  

The bad news is that my blogging platform hates me and deleted the entire review that I had just finished writing. (Apparently hitting "Save" causes the app to crash and your post to go up in flames?) 

And this post was a beaut. Packed full of sparkling wordplay that was erudite without being pretentious. Informative without being boring. Inspiring without overwhelming. 

Sadly, this lost review will never be read by human eyes. It's out there beyond our ken in cyberspace limbo.  

So here's the high level: I liked the POPSUGAR Must Have Box even more the second time around. Five of the six items were immediately useful to me, and four of those were actually pretty great.  

If you'd like to try the Must Have Box yourself, you can get $5 off with the code SHOP5 (which won't expire). Click here to get the details.

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